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Google has rolled out a new feature that lets you explore planets, moons and the International Space Station... [Read More]
The crew of the International Space Station has fun playing with fidget spinners in zero gravity. [Read More]
The launch is the second of its kind at Wallops Flight Facility since a 2014 explosion temporarily grounded the program. [Read More]
A manned Soyuz rocket suffered a partial loss of pressure as it returned to Earth earlier this year, Russia's space agency said Wednesday, in the... [Read More]
NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik demonstrates how a fidget spinner acts in space while on board the International Space Station. [Read More]
Astronaut Scott Kelly, who grew up in West Orange, spent 11 months in the International Space Station, leaving March 27, 2015 and returning to Earth... [Read More]
Joe headed to Caravia's Fresh Foods near Clarks Summit to ask people there about the International Space Station. How far away is it? How big is... [Read More]
Astronauts onboard the International Space Station showed what it's like to play with a fidget spinner in a near-zero-gravity environment. [Read More]
Experts now think blazing trails in the sky were either supply capsule for the International Space Station or rocket booster... [Read More]
Visitors to the Christa McAuliffe Center at Framingham State University Tuesday afternoon took a whirl around the galaxy."This is the view that the astronauts get... [Read More]
The space station, which looks like a bright white non-blinking light, moves quickly across the sky. [Read More]
NASA astronaut Joe Acaba photographed Puerto Rico from the cupola of the International Space Station on Oct. 12, 2017. Sharing the image with his followers... [Read More]
Google Maps A few years ago, Google gave people the ability to freely explore objects in space — but that experience was mostly locked up... [Read More]
The space station, which looks like a bright white non-blinking light, moves quickly across the sky. [Read More]
Get excited, space fans.  Google just rolled out a new Maps feature showing off some of our favorite planetary neighbors.  The new Maps... [Read More]
'Endurance' is the new memoir by astronaut Scott Kelly about his year on the International Space Station. A 3-star book review. [Read More]
Now, explore planets and moons using Google maps: Here's how ... [Read More]
If you could ask an astronaut orbiting in space any question, what would it be? Students from several Washington-area schools got to do that recently... [Read More]
Dubai Astronomy Group reported that the object was falling space debris from a Progress rocket used to supply the International Space Station... [Read More]
The International Space Station could be seen in the skies of San Angelo Monday. [Read More]