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Maybe we should stop blindly trusting algorithms. [Read More]
Mining bitcoin is open to anyone with an internet connection and the right hardware... [Read More]
Federal and municipal representatives for several north Warren County municipalities sent a letter to a local utility provider in an attempt to convince the company... [Read More]
David Morrison's duties also include debunking perennial internet theories that a fake planet is about to destroy the Earth... [Read More]
Three years after Kim Kardashian West broke the internet by baring... [Read More]
Babysitter Steve Harrington memes have certifiably taken over the internet. The evolution of the bad boy-turned-chaperone (Joe Keery) was a move creators Matt and Ross... [Read More]
Christmas is one of many casualties of council budget cuts, but residents are turning to the internet to save the festive season. [Read More]
Gigabit-speed cable internet has gone live for parts of Monroe County, the AcceleratePA coalition announced during a Friday meeting at Dansbury Depot. Blue Ridge Communications... [Read More]
GRUUUUUMOOOORSSSSS! The #GRUMORS are intensifying, folks. On Saturday night as the Tennessee Volunteers are taking on the LSU Tigers, apparently Jon Gruden, whose name has... [Read More]
Greg Mesch reaches across the table and hands me a piece of plastic-coated cable, not much thicker than a kettle flex. "That's 3,000 homes right... [Read More]
The possible sale of the sprawling Boland's Mill project in Dublin docklands to internet giant Google may escape Nama's tendering rules as it is in... [Read More]
The internet giant will have a real store in London for Black Friday. In this topsy-turvy retail world, innovation is now a necessity... [Read More]
By now, I think everyone has heard that Al Gore claims to have invented the internet. It's a well-known story. But the inconvenient truth of... [Read More]
A video of a first-time Ohio father serenading to his 5-month-old daughter is making its rounds on the internet. [Read More]
Listening to Sony Walkmans, rewinding VHS tapes and waiting for dial-up to connect to the internet. [Read More]
"I vote cancelling..." [Read More]
​David Morrison is a real NASA scientist who studies real planets and makes real discoveries about the real universe. Unfortunately for him,... [Read More]
The KUWTK star and MotorSport rapper have both tried to break the Internet with Paper magazine covers, but which pic do you prefer? [Read More]