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"The Case of: Caylee Anthony" will debut May 19-21 on Oxygen and feature investigators exploring the case. [Read More]
The Pentagon is working to fix a list of issues that investigators believe led to the Niger ambush last fall that killed four Army troops. [Read More]
The severed heads of two unidentified women, found at two lakes 150 miles apart, have investigators searching for a possible link between the gruesome findings. [Read More]
Society investigators are working with law enforcement and prosecutors to determine charges for man who used garden shears, knife to cut off his pet's... [Read More]
More than three decades after his trail went cold, one of California's most prolific and elusive serial killers was caught when investigators matched crime-scene DNA... [Read More]
The DeKalb School District was sued in October for allegedly enrolling around 1,000 students who don't live in the district.  The school board introduced a... [Read More]
Yesterday several police departments in California announced the arrest of the "Golden State Killer," who killed a dozen people between 1978 and 1986 and has... [Read More]
The lone survivor was rushed to a hospital. Police are hoping she will be able to provide clues to investigators about what happened. [Read More]
A former cop is accused of living a double life terrorizing neighborhoods at night, becoming one of California's most feared serial killers and rapists in... [Read More]
There appears to be no apparent relationship between skeletal remains found near Lake Lou Yaeger, and the case of missing Macoupin County woman Denita Hedden,... [Read More]
Immigration officials responded after a Division of Motor vehicles worker noticed something unusual about the man's social security card, investigators said. [Read More]
Officers say it was easy to find him because the man was breaking into home while wearing an ankle monitor. [Read More]
Early in the investigation, police did not believe the murder was random. But it took investigators over a month to tie Byrnes' death to her... [Read More]
Investigators said at least five people ran from the vehicle. [Read More]
The district attorney's office said investigators tracked down the golden state killer suspect by using genealogy websites. [Read More]
PINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. —  Michigan State Police investigators think a man may've died while trying to put out a brush fire on his property in... [Read More]
A couple has been arrested after a suspicious package led investigators to a Baton Rouge apartment loaded with drugs last week. [Read More]
More than three decades after his trail went cold, one of California's most prolific serial killers and rapists was caught by using ... [Read More]
Code Compliance investigators are looking into a dumpster complaint at an apartment complex in Pleasant Grove.        ... [Read More]
Investigators say the most likely crash scenario is that the pilot Jim Kruk, who was dealing with a high workload, experienced spatial disorientation... [Read More]