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If you've wanted PC-like storage in your pocket, a new Huawei phone with a rumored 512GB of space could make that happen. That's an insane... [Read More]
Around the this time last year, Apple introduced a red-colored iPhone 7, called (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition iPhone. The device was released in celebration of the Cupertino... [Read More]
This week's Apple Loop includes Apple's launch event, new MacBook Airs, an update to the iPhone SE, a cheaper iPhone X, more iOS 11 bugs,... [Read More]
This week's Android Circuit includes display problems with the Galaxy S9, Samsung's Note 9 gamble, Nokia going for the notch, OnePlus 6 details revealed, Oppo... [Read More]
An iOS 11 bug that was there one day is gone another. [Read More]
Apple changes its iPhone designs slowly and reluctantly, so folks were pretty surprised to see the famous notch in the iPhone X. That might be... [Read More]
Apple published a new ad for its iPhone X last week, demonstrating the new Face ID unlock feature. It also demonstrated a relatively minor iOS... [Read More]
The picture at the top of this post is not the AirPower wireless charger that Apple announced at its iPhone X event last September. It... [Read More]
The Galaxy S9, iPhone X and other phones that have no borders around their displays have us like, "Hnnnnnnnng." [Read More]
Suddenly $999 for the iPhone X doesn't seem so bad. [Read More]
An Oklahoma City couple was shot at, beaten, and nearly robbed by five people in Norman when a seemingly innocent iPhone X sale went bad.... [Read More]
Apple is expected to start a trial production run of the iPhone X 2, iPhone X Plus, and iPhone X SE during the next quarter... [Read More]
Lucy Nicholson/Reuters Apple's $1,000 iPhone X garnered relatively low demand. But now, if Apple lowers the price, it'll look like a silly... [Read More]
Huawei on Tuesday will unveil its next-gen Android flagship smartphone in Paris, France. ... [Read More]
AP Images / J. Scott Applewhite Apple's iPhone X may not be selling well, but its services platform has tremendous upside, according to... [Read More]
U.S. President Donald Trump often tweets from his iPhone about pressuring China to address its $375 billion trade surplus with the United States. But a... [Read More]
A recently discovered Siri bug allows some hidden app notifications to be read out loud even when your iPhone is locked Apple says it's aware... [Read More]
Samsung's biggest rival could commence its trial production of its new iPhone models earlier than before. A new report is claiming that Apple will enter... [Read More]
'Fortnite' works a lot better than you might expect on the iPhone X. On the iPhone 6s? Not so much. [Read More]