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Iraqi federal and Kurdish forces exchanged fire at their shared border on Friday, capping a dramatic week of maneuvers that saw the Kurds hand over... [Read More]
Turkmen and Arab shoppers stroll through an open-air food market in an ethnically mixed area of Kirkuk, haggling over the price of tomatoes and gossiping... [Read More]
Friday's battle marked the heaviest fighting between the two sides since the Iraqi military launched a campaign to reclaim the ethnically mixed city. [Read More]
A senior Iranian military commander repeatedly warned Kurdish leaders in northern Iraq to withdraw from the oil city of Kirkuk or face an onslaught by... [Read More]
Chevron said Friday it "temporarily" suspended operations in Kurdistan in Iraq, an oil-rich region at the center of a conflict between Baghdad and Kurdish forces.... [Read More]
Kurdish forces lose more territory to Iraqi forces in disputed area of northern Iraq, army says. [Read More]
Days of gains... [Read More]
Alex Brandon/Associated Press The State Department on Thursday cast doubt on reports that Iranian military forces have cooperated with Iraq in a brewing... [Read More]
Iraqi forces and Iranian paramilitary units, armed with American-made armored vehicles and tanks, launched a large-scale assault Friday on a Kurdish peshmerga outpost north of... [Read More]
Organised Kurdish forces known as 'peshmerga', as well as irregular forces, respond with rocket fire to Iraqi forces. [Read More]
Iraqi and Kurdish forces exchanged fire over their shared border on Friday in the most serious clashes since the crisis began, as federal forces ousted... [Read More]
Arwa Damon explores a stadium in Raqqa that ISIS turned into a prison and made their last stand against Iraqi fighters. [Read More]
Turfed out three years ago by Kurdish forces, Iraqi oil workers are donning their overalls and inspecting equipment as they look to get down to... [Read More]
Iraqi troops recaptured fields previously seized by Kurdish forces, a move that saw a surge in the crude prices fade... [Read More]
Iraqi federal and Kurdish forces exchanged fire at their shared border on Friday, capping a dramatic week of maneuvers that saw the Kurds handover territory... [Read More]
The Latest on developments in Iraq. (all times local): 1:55 p.m. Iraqi state TV says federal forces alongside Iranian-backed militias seized a town at the... [Read More]
Iraq's most senior Shia cleric urges the Iraqi government to protect the Kurdish population amid tensions between Baghdad and Erbil. [Read More]
rearmed, retrained and battle-hardened during three years of fighting against the Islamic State (IS) group.US-led coalition Colonel Ryan Dillon said federal government forces had proven... [Read More]
Clashes between Iraqi forces and Kurdish Peshmerga fighters broke out Friday as Iraqi units moved north of Kirkuk to the town of Altun Kupri. [Read More]
The fighting at Altun Kupri marked only the second instance of significant violent resistance by the Kurds in Kirkuk province since Monday. [Read More]