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AFGHANISTAN-BLAST/ISLAMIC STATE (URGENT):Islamic State claims explosion in Kabul... [Read More]
Tugay Sarac was just 15 when he first talked about travelling from Germany to Syria to fight for Islamic State. But unlike his friends at... [Read More]
An explosion, possibly carried out by a suicide bomber, near a rally involving Shiites in the Afghan capital on Monday killed at least six people,... [Read More]
A Syrian woman captured by Islamic State militants said her 8-year-old son died in her lap after the extremists shot him and his cousin during... [Read More]
The Syrian government has protested to the United Nations about an air strike by the US-led coalition against Islamic State... [Read More]
Future "lone wolf" attacks in Australia will be difficult to stop despite heightened security in the aftermath of an Islamic State-inspired attack in Melbourne last... [Read More]
Around 200 people on Sunday gathered in Istanbul to honour the memory of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.Supporters met to talk and watch videos of... [Read More]
India News: NEW DELHI: The journey to join terror group Islamic State (IS) in battlefields like in Afghanistan often begins with radicalisation by Tablighi teache. [Read More]
The U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces said on Sunday it had resumed a ground assault against Islamic State in its last foothold near the Iraqi border,... [Read More]
MIDEAST-CRISIS/SYRIA:U.S.-backed Syrian force resumes ground assault on Islamic State... [Read More]
A Kurdish-led force backed by a US-led anti-jihadist coalition said Sunday that it was resuming its offensive against the Islamic State group in eastern Syria.The... [Read More]
U.S.-backed Syrian fighters say they have resumed their ground offensive against the Islamic State group in the last territories controlled by the extremists in eastern... [Read More]
Foreign fighters believed to be galvanising local groups as push to declare Islamic caliphate intensifies... [Read More]
Middle East News: BAGHDAD/FALLUJA: At Baghdad's grand but half-empty railway station, a single train is sputtering to life. [Read More]
The U.S. military says American and Iraqi forces killed more than 50 Islamic State militants, including several commanders, in northern Iraq last month. [Read More]
IRAQ-TRAIN/ (PIX, TV):Iraq rail service back on track after war with Islamic State... [Read More]
US-led coalition air strikes killed 26 civilians including 14 children Friday in a holdout of the Islamic State group in eastern... [Read More]
A Somali-born Australian who went on a deadly knife rampage in the country's second-largest city Melbourne was inspired by Islamic State but did not have... [Read More]
BEIRUT- The Syrian government has protested to the United Nations about an air strike by the US-led coalition against Islamic State which it said killed... [Read More]
A Syrian woman liberated from captivity said Friday that Islamic State militants held her and more than two dozen other women and children in different... [Read More]