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The Star of David associated today with Jews, the Holocaust and Israel has other cultural and religious underpinnings. [Read More]
Israel's trade with Britain in was valued at more than £10 billion in 2018,... [Read More]
Last week the Israeli air force bombed Iran military installations near the Syrian capital of Damascus. The previous week Israel destroyed an Iranian weapons depot... [Read More]
The Gatestone Institute publishes pieces defending Tommy Robinson, and the Middle East Forum is offering him financial help -- ostensibly in the name of free... [Read More]
Soldiers shoot back into Syria at unidentified assailants after coming under attack near security barrier, days after large flareup between Israel and Iran in north... [Read More]
Very little actually is sacred — at least to begin with — in Amanda Sthers' lively new novel about a Jewish pig farmer in Israel,... [Read More]
Hawaiian ukulele player Taimane Gardner will perform in Israel as part f the Hot Jazz series... [Read More]
The Israel Museum's exhibit is well worth a visit and also offers an accompanying book that contains valuable insights into his importance. [Read More]
A fascinating Maimonides exhibit opens at the Israel Museum. [Read More]
Let's just begin with the conventional: "Polls predict." Yes they do, but not very well in Israel. [Read More]
And if Israel and Iran go to war, guess who else will almost certainly enter the conflict? [Read More]
Despite assurances to the contrary, the European Union continues to support nongovernmental organizations that boycott Israel. [Read More]
From the blog of Sasha Factor at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
From the blog of Harry Freedman at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
Israel conducted airstrikes on Damascus International Airport on 20 and 21 January after it intercepted a missile over the Golan Heights. The IDF claims to... [Read More]
The UK and Israel have shaken hands on a future post-Brexit free trade agreement, International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said. [Read More]
From the blog of Ari Shishler at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
From the blog of Stephen Horenstein at The Times of Israel... [Read More]
MassChallenge was founded by John Harthorne and Akhil Nigam in 2010 with an aim to make it easy for entrepreneurs to launch and grow new... [Read More]