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Middle East News: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has frozen plans to demolish a strategically located Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank that has... [Read More]
An Israeli official says Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has postponed the planned demolition of a West Bank hamlet. The official says Sunday the aim is... [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday he has decided to postpone the planned demolition of a West Bank hamlet to allow time for a... [Read More]
Yair Netanyahu, the son of the Israeli Prime Minister, is facing heavy criticism after calling female Channel 2 host Ophir Assayag a "fat cow" after... [Read More]
The protests were preceded by a demonstration against the Israeli occupation, organized by the area's Druze community, who waved Syrian flags and held portraits of... [Read More]
In a new exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the hand of the creator Arieh Sharon plays the leading role... [Read More]
As the Middle East becomes a rising tourist destination, Bloomberg Magazine ranked Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in the top ten... [Read More]
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday postponed the forced eviction of a Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank, a government official said. [Read More]
Democrats Abroad Israel are ramping up their get-out-the-vote activities on the Israeli street, hoping every vote counts in the effort to take back the House.... [Read More]
This week at the Tel Aviv airport: What it's like to serve on an Israeli army counter-terrorism unit ■ The difference between the American... [Read More]
Fears are growing as Israel escalates its military presence along its heavily militarized separation barrier with Gaza. Israel has ... [Read More]
Son of Benjamin Netanyahu calls talk show anchor a 'vulgar beast' for hosting woman who interrupted his father during a speech this week... [Read More]
A member of the Ministerial Committee tells Haaretz that the bill, which is slated to go on vote Sunday, isn't expected to pass ■ The... [Read More]
Amir Assad, 22, knocks out the Italian competitor to take the gold. Two other Israelis claim bronze medals... [Read More]
'There is no doubt that he inherited his genes from his mother,' Ofira Asayag retorts in response to Netanyahu's criticism over her interview with a... [Read More]
Israeli start-ups make up the largest fraction, per capita, of the approximately 3,200 start-ups currently involved in "Inception." [Read More]
This was the second such attack by Gazans over the past two days... [Read More]
Paths to progress must often pierce both tradition and discrimination. But as one Israeli Arab woman tells us: 'It's time for people to take us... [Read More]
Palestinian media report motorcycle destroyed in strike, which came as incendiary devices launched from Strip sparked 2 blazes in south... [Read More]
Heightened tensions after rockets fired from Gaza bring Hamas and Israel closer to widescale confrontation... [Read More]