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To the editor:With the upcoming closing of JC Penney, the recent closing of Macy's, Radio Shack and countless others, it would be a shame to... [Read More]
OSKALOOSA, Iowa  --  The Oskaloosa community is fighting to keep its JC Penney store open. The store is one of four Iowa locations set to... [Read More]
JCPenney Announces Store Closings ... [Read More]
This week J.C. Penney released details of its plans to shutter 138 stores out of 1,014 locations, and to cut 5,000 retail jobs.That is part... [Read More]
Pierre is about to be short another major retailer. [Read More]
Longtime mall staple JC Penney released a list Friday of 138 upcoming store closures, a move that will impact about 5,000 employees across the country. [Read More]
A 22-year-old woman is suspected of an embezzlement scheme that cost a JC Penney store in Novi nearly $9,000. [Read More]
City will survive JC Penney closure ... [Read More]
I was so surprised that in the TC Line, someone wrote that JC Penney is closing. I called JC Penney, and they confirm... [Read More]
It's official. Wahpeton's 103-year-old JC Penney store at 413 Dakota Ave. is on the list of 138 locations expected to close in the next few... [Read More]
Dayton Business: Here's what to know about the store closures. [Read More]
The closest store closing to us is in Gadsden, Alabama. [Read More]
The JC Penney store at the Rockland Plaza is on the list of locations slated to close this year. [Read More]
The Pierre JC Penney store in Northridge Plaza is on the list of 138 locations the J.C. Penney Company announced on Friday that it intends... [Read More]
JC Penney• I'm really sorry to see that JC Penney is leaving Longmont after all these years. It has a strong heritage, including the... [Read More]
JC Penney announces 4 Iowa stores to close - but not Bluffs ... [Read More]
Keene's J.C. Penney is not on a list of 138 stores the national retail chain plans to close in coming months. [Read More]
JC Penney announces list of store closures ... [Read More]
JC Penney in Red Wing on list of sites set to close ... [Read More]