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Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin will lead the U.S. delegation to Israel in May for the inauguration of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, ... [Read More]
Natalie Portman has decided against traveling to Jerusalem to receive the Genesis Prize, the foundation behind the award announced. The Genesis Prize Foundation... [Read More]
Iran and Israel traded blame on Sunday for an unprecedented, weeks-long surge in hostilities between their forces over Syria but played down prospects of a... [Read More]
Actress Natalie Portman has snubbed a prestigious prize known as the "Jewish Nobel," saying she did not want her attendance to be seen as an... [Read More]
Israel's defense minister said on Sunday a Palestinian scientist shot dead in Malaysia was a rocket expert and "no saint", but dismissed suggestions by Hamas... [Read More]
Authorities in Cohasset are investigating a burglary that took place at a home on Jerusalem Road, late Thursday night. A house... [Read More]
People at risk for disease or who have already been ill should get their heart pounding, their lungs working and their muscles moving at Jerusalem's... [Read More]
JERUSALEM (JTA) — Rabbi Donniel Hartman, who lives in Jerusalem yet works regularly in North America, likens Diaspora Jews to...... [Read More]
Yisrael Helprin was named for the Jewish state because they were born on the same day...... [Read More]
An interfaith event entitled... [Read More]
Natalie Portman's decision to withdraw from the Jerusalem ceremony to mark her acceptance of the $2 million Genesis Prize is a very big deal. [Read More]
Hollywood actress Natalie Portman said she was backing out of a Jerusalem ceremony where she was to receive a $2 million prize to protest against... [Read More]
Restaurant in Rockland Township, which dates back to 1816, is being remodeled. [Read More]
Cindy White presented an impressive resumé when she applied for a job at Diversified Foods and Seasonings — an undergraduate degree from Tulane, a master's... [Read More]
A Jerusalem Post correspondent reflects on her time covering Operation Protective Edge. [Read More]
Why send the Hezbollah messenger? [Read More]
In a Jerusalem Post exclusive, one of Israel's top pilots gives insights into the brewing conflict with Iran. [Read More]
Romania could be the first European country to shift their embassy to Jerusalem after a contentious decision by the US. Israel has reportedly offered preferential... [Read More]
Israel-born Natalie Portman won't be attending an award ceremony in Jerusalem meant to laud her, with representatives citing "recent events" as the cause. [Read More]
Romania's government has backed moving its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, drawing a warning from the president that the step could break international law. [Read More]