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Tucker takes on radio host Dave Ross, who says that while James Hodgkinson could have been radicalized by left-wing rhetoric, he also could have been... [Read More]
A recent editorial cartoon perhaps best encapsulates the irony of the atmosphere following the recent shooting at a Congressional Republicans baseball team practice. The cartoon... [Read More]
U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais, reportedly on a list of congressman targeted by Washington, D.C. shooter James Hodgkinson, says the attack was fueled, in part, by... [Read More]
US Representative Scalise, wounded in Virginia shooting, is out of ICU ... [Read More]
Wanda "Ashley" Stock only lived with Congressional shooter James Hodgkinson and his wife for three months before she poured gas on herself and lit herself... [Read More]
The shooting this week at a GOP congressional baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia, attests to the terrifying reality that no one, not even our highest... [Read More]
Janet Mock shared that she doesn't consider Caitlyn Jenner the spokesperson for the transgender community while appearing on Chelsea Handler's Netflix talk show, "Chelsea." Handler... [Read More]
Gun used in Scalise shooting was legally purchased assault rifle ... [Read More]
Although longtime Democrat voter and Bernie Sanders supporter James Hodgkinson is the one who pulled the trigger at the GOP batting practice in Alexandria, Va.... [Read More]
Gunman who shot congressman had no target in mind ... [Read More]
Rep. Steve Scalise Now in 'Fair' Condition ... [Read More]
  I n denouncing the hatred that brought bloodshed to a baseball diamond in Alexandria, Virginia, some people went ahead and spread more of it.... [Read More]
The first thing to say about the attempted massacre of congressional Republicans on a baseball field in suburban Virginia is that the motivations of the... [Read More]
Democrats and liberals finally got the horrific violence and bloodshed against the right that they have been lusting after. James Hodgkinson, another member of the... [Read More]
The recent shooting at a Republican congressional baseball practice in Alexandria attests to the terrifying reality that no one, not even our highest elected officials,... [Read More]
Media critic: FBI's Bizarre Statements on Scalise Shooter The Federalist's Mollie Hemingway calls foul on the FBI's description yesterday of the man who attacked Republicans... [Read More]
On 14 June 2017, Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip and Louisiana Congressman, was wounded by a gunman — small businessman James Hodgkinson, 66 — who... [Read More]
Last Wednesday, James Hodgkinson opened fire at a baseball field in surburan DC where congressional Republicans were practicing for a charity game. He wounded House... [Read More]
The FBI says James Hodgkinson acted alone when he fired 60 shots at the House Republicans' baseball practice, wounding Congressman Steve Scalise and several others.... [Read More]