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A PREGNANT mum who appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show felt suicidal when bosses refused to pull a clip of her. Dawne Mair, 25, said... [Read More]
Bectu to enter talks with bosses after deaths of Jeremy Kyle and Love Island guests... [Read More]
Love Island's Zara Holland says the show needs to be axed like The Jeremy Kyle Show. [Read More]
Huge progress has been made in the media's depiction of mental health, albeit with the occasional aberration – we're looking at you, Jeremy Kyle. [Read More]
The cancellation of ITV's Jeremy Kyle Show has opened up a national debate going far beyond the death of Steve Dymond after his appearance on... [Read More]
The Grand Tour presenter thinks the show should be replaced with something similar for the 'fat and unintelligent' Brexit-voting viewers. [Read More]
Jeremy Kyle is facing further scandal as a past guest claims his ex-wife died by suicide after advice from the TV presenter, and the parents... [Read More]
TV programme was permanently axed on Wednesday after man killed himself... [Read More]
Erica Pawson, whose husband was advised by Kyle to leave her, died days after appearance... [Read More]
ITV HAD been looking 'to get rid' of the Jeremy Kyle Show before the shock death of a contributor sources claimed last night. The network... [Read More]
Solicitor for family of Molly Russell, who killed herself after viewing self-harm material on social media, is willing to represent Steve Dymond's family... [Read More]
A Coleraine man who suffered online abuse after appearing on The Jeremy Kyle Show has said he is glad to see it axed for good. [Read More]
If you host a weekly radio show for 10 years, you will have broadcast millions of words into the homes of listeners. All of them... [Read More]
'I could not wish for a better 'publication day' present" explains the novelist Kerry Hudson. "It was as if Christmas and birthday had come together.... [Read More]
AFTER the tragic death of a guest of The Jeremy Kyle Show days after his appearance, it's no surprise the programme has been axed. Nor... [Read More]
Erica Pawson, killed herself when husband Paul, from Lincolnshire, went on Kyle's show Britain's Worst Husband and subsequently ended the couple's 18-year marriage. [Read More]
THE fiancee of a Jeremy Kyle guest found dead says he left her three suicide notes and none of them blamed the show. Jane Callaghan,... [Read More]
JEREMY Kyle workers had to watch out for addicts' needles, badger pregnant women and buy booze for alcoholics, it is claimed. Ex-runner on the show... [Read More]
I may not be a fan of the Jeremy Kyle Show but it doesn't mean I agree with the sanctimonious bandwagon that got it axed,... [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: Steve Dymond's partner Jane denies he ever mentioned ITV show in his three suicide notes — as she calls for the programme to be... [Read More]