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On Aug. 10, 2017, Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen of Axios wrote a story about a close group of Washington insiders — senior officers who sought... [Read More]
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 Bob Woodward's book "Fear" — which might better have been called, Hunter Thompson-style, "Fear and Loathing in the White House" — is filled with revealing... [Read More]
Former Senator John Francis Kelly, who served four consecutive terms in the Michigan State Senate and helped push Michigan to become the last state needed... [Read More]
In Bob Woodward's newly published insider account of life in Donald Trump's White House, John Kelly, the White House chief of staff, and James Mattis,... [Read More]
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Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner also are back to playing White House personnel managers with the hope of ejecting Chief of Staff John Kelly. [Read More]