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Senator John McCain has reportedly been spending time at his ranch home in Arizona while battling brain cancer. McCain's new memoir, "The Restless Wave," was... [Read More]
Longtime aide to Sen. John McCain, Mark Salter, is the co-author of the new memoir 'The Restless Wave,' and he joins Morning Joe to discuss... [Read More]
Sen. John McCain has called his painful divorce from his first wife, Carol McCain, his "greatest moral failing." ... [Read More]
U.S. Sen. John McCain's new autobiography includes various mentions about close friend from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham. [Read More]
A new documentary, John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls explores the life of the war hero turned U.S. senator. NPR's Michel Martin speaks with... [Read More]
The filmmakers behind the HBO documentary "John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls" interview family, friends, rivals and colleagues to capture the life of the... [Read More]
President Trump was purposely excluded from the project. [Read More]
The White House's reaction last week to the insensitive remark of a presidential aide about gravely ill Sen. John McCain is so typical of this... [Read More]
Democrats, independents and an embarrassingly small number of Republicans are upset at a reported White House aide dismissing Sen. John McCain's critical opinions with, "It... [Read More]
It was 25 years ago and it looked like scoring political points was more important than honoring the dead. McCain wasn't having it. [Read More]
It is beyond ludicrous that President Donald Trump's White House refuses to acknowledge, let alone apologize for, the hard-hearted insult slung earlier this month at... [Read More]
John McCain: For Whom the Bell Tolls Monday, 8 p.m., HBO The documentary opens with a quote from the Ernest Hemingway novel referenced in the... [Read More]
With Memorial Day coming up, a hand salute goes out to Arizona Sen. John McCain for his service to our country. Another slow hand salute... [Read More]
Senator John McCain is recovering from surgery at his Arizona ranch. He was visited recently by Senator Lindsay Graham and one of their activities together... [Read More]
Cmdr. Alfredo Sanchez pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty... [Read More]
In his new memoir, McCain says he's to blame for the war. [Read More]
In his new memoir, McCain says he's to blame for the war. Sen. John McCain has made a shocking admission: The Iraq war was a... [Read More]
Also premiering this holiday weekend: "The Fourth Estate," a documentary series about the New York Times and how it's responding to the challenges of covering... [Read More]
Editor's note: As John McCain grapples with brain cancer and publishes a new memoir, the Daily Sun asked a group of engaged citizens – none... [Read More]
He gave reporters unprecedented access to his "Straight Talk Express" presidential campaign in 2000, and it has paid off ever since. [Read More]