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Speaks out. [Read More]
Sen. John McCain, whose jet fighter was shot down over Vietnam, was captured by the Vietnamese and made a POW. McCain is the grandson of... [Read More]
Sen. John McCain also honored at Dec. 11 event... [Read More]
The man who says he acted as a messenger last year to inform John McCain about the garbage dossier spoke exclusively to Fox News' Catherine... [Read More]
The man who says he acted as a "go-between" last year to inform Sen. John McCain about the controversial "dossier" containing salacious allegations about then-candidate... [Read More]
Inside the Trump dossier handoff McCain's 'go-between' speaks out - National News The man who says he acted as a go-between last year to inform... [Read More]
GOP strategist and former John McCain presidential operative Steve Schmidt warned Republican candidates facing re-election in 2018 will be essentially be saddled with accused child... [Read More]
Khizr Khan was in Phoenix over the weekend. The senator honored him with a message.        ... [Read More]
John McCain took his "No Surrender" tour to South Carolina. [Read More]
U.S. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) have said President Trump has remained "largely silent" on human rights abroad. [Read More]
Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake have introduced a bill to allocate Colorado River water to the tribe and pay for construction of delivery infrastructure. [Read More]
John Dowd, the Washington, D.C., lawyer who is representing President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation, has long ties to Arizona politics. [Read More]
The passage of the tax scam by Senate Republicans is reminiscent of the process used in Ukraine to pass its dictatorship law in 2014. It... [Read More]
"Donald Trump has a propensity for making disrespectful comments," Erv Lischke (online-only letter to the editor) writes in justifying or minimizing President Trump's galling assault... [Read More]
After I joined the Navy in 1985, I was sent to Newport, R.I., for training. As a Navy dentist, I needed to learn about the... [Read More]
An ultra Orthodox Jewish man rides a bicycle as U.S. and Israeli flags are projected onto the walls of Jerusalem's old city, Wednesday, Dec. 6,... [Read More]
After five years as a prisoner of war, John McCain soon found himself on Capitol Hill as the Navy liaison. The position, as well as... [Read More]
In 1967, John McCain was a Navy pilot on an aircraft carrier. He was shot down during the Vietnam War and held as a prisoner... [Read More]
Early in his Senate career, John McCain became ensnared in the Keating Five scandal, which threatened to derail his political career. But after emerging from... [Read More]
Arizona Sen. John McCain insisted on the need for campaign-finance reform and spoke out against pork-barrel spending and government waste. His efforts ruffled feathers in... [Read More]