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It looks like another film franchise will get its own television treatment as entertainment company Starz stated that a John Wick series is coming soon. [Read More]
'The Continental' will be executive produced by the screenwriter behind the franchise along with Reeves. [Read More]
The popular action franchise is getting a small screen reboot. [Read More]
A television spinoff of Keanu Reeves' assassin action series 'John Wick' is in the works at Starz. [Read More]
We've got your John Wick fix right here. [Read More]
Premium cable network Starz announced plans to produce a show called 'The Continental' which will center around the inner workings of the hotel that acts... [Read More]
Detective Pikachu won't just be a Ryan Reynolds movie for us, Cyberpunk 2077 breaks its silence, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta starts and John Wick... [Read More]
We're still more than a year away from the third entry in the John Wick franchise—starring Keanu Reeves as the titular assassin, who's really just... [Read More]
Months after its initial announcement, the John Wick-inspired TV series has finally found a home for its fist-fighting and gun-toting action. [Read More]
Keanu Reeves 'John Wick' Film Franchise to be Adapted Into Starz TV Series! John Wick is heading to the small screen! The... [Read More]
The evergreen 53-year-old will also executive produce the show centered around the Continental Hotel, the JW unverse's refuge for Los Angeles' criminal underworld... [Read More]
Bob Odenkirk, of Mr. Show and Better Call Saul fame, is about to become an action star. Odenkirk will produce and star in the new action thriller... [Read More]
"Foxy Brown" meets "John Wick" in a bargain bin action movie that will bore fans of either and frustrate fans of both. [Read More]
The world of expert assassins, criminal underworld hotels, and "gun-fu" action is getting the small-screen treatment—and Keanu Reeves may show up, too. [Read More]
This is exciting: A John Wick-inspired TV series is now officially in development at Starz. The premium cable network is working on a show titled... [Read More]
Keanu Reeves will be involved as an executive producer. [Read More]
Starz held its Television Critics Associate winter panel on Friday, where it announced the latest news about its current shows, like "Outlander" and "American Gods,"... [Read More]
Starz is developing "The Continental," a Chris Collins-penned drama connected to Keanu Reeves' "John Wick" film franchise. [Read More]
Continuing the cross-pollinating nature of film and TV, Starz announced Friday it is developing "The Continental," a drama series spun ... [Read More]