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Trump shoves his way across the world stage President Trump's seven days in May will go down as one of the worst-ever trips abroad... [Read More]
By the time Georgia's 6th District votes in the June 20 special congressional election, $40 million - perhaps more than $130 per ballot - will... [Read More]
El candidato demócrata para la elección especial al Congreso por el distrito 6 en Georgia, Jon Ossoff, pidió en un acto el voto hispano local. [Read More]
Jon Ossoff, who was two points shy of a House victory in April, is courting millennials and minorities in a race to hold off Karen... [Read More]
Following the recent poll giving Democrat Jon Ossoff a 7 point lead over Republican Karen Handel in the upcoming GA-06 special election, the TV station in Atlanta that commissioned... [Read More]
Both sides have launched attack ads in the race for Georgia's 6th Congressional District. Recently, Democrats accused Republican Karen Handel of wallowing in administrative bloat.... [Read More]
the mother of 6th Congressional District Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff - was one of several speakers at the May 23 Brookhaven City Council meeting to... [Read More]
Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff are in a runoff in the sixth district. [Read More]
Democratic Congressional candidate Jon Ossoff is doubling down on his misleading claims related to his national security experience. [Read More]
Democrat Jon Ossoff has echoed his Republican rival's position on legislation that would potentially cut off U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority. And he said... [Read More]
House Speaker Paul Ryan's favorite super PAC has an early Memorial Day gift for Republican Karen Handel. An ad unleashed Thursday by... [Read More]
A win by Jon Ossoff would give Democrats high hopes for big gains in 2018. - George Will, Philadelphia Inquirer... [Read More]
The two Georgia candidates vying for an open seat in Congress spoke about veterans, North Korea and the Islamic State during a recent campaign event... [Read More]
Ossoff Has 7-Point Lead Over Handel Weeks Before Runoff Election ... [Read More]
Jon Ossoff has an opportunity to turn Democrats' dissatisfaction into winning voter turnout ... [Read More]
A man photographed in Roswell allegedly stole several Jon Ossoff campaign signs and police say he&rs... [Read More]
Jon Ossoff and Karen Handel signs dot the landscape in Roswell. [Read More]
This is a tough month to be a fan of the Andy Griffith Show in Atlanta — especially if you don't care for politics. Millions... [Read More]
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution asked the candidates in the 6th Congressional District special elec... [Read More]
All about Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen who are in the runoff for Georgia's 6th Congressional District. [Read More]