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Ecuador is again urgingd Julian Assange to not interfere in the affairs of other countries after Spain complained about his contacts with Catalan secessionists, though... [Read More]
Ecuador has told WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to avoid making statements that could affect the country's international relations after he expressed support for Catalonian independence... [Read More]
El gobierno ecuatoriano nuevamente llamó la atención al fundador de Wikileaks, Julian Assange, para que no intervenga en asuntos internos de terceros países, en este... [Read More]
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.) says the FBI and Senate Intelligence Committee are seeking to interview him about his August meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, ... [Read More]
At risk, the notorious secrets-leaker explained, is Trump's ability to effectively communicate with the world via tweets. [Read More]
Meeting up with Julian Assange in a spooky embassy parking garage might not be a difficult task for Donald Trump Jr., but when the unexpected... [Read More]
One week after Tiffany Haddish made history by becoming the first black female standup comedian to host Saturday Night Live, Chance the Rapper broke ground tonight as the first rap... [Read More]
Eric Trump isn't exactly a big help. [Read More]
The show managed to make Trump Jr.'s correspondence with WikiLeaks hilarious. [Read More]
If you felt slightly disappointed that Kate McKinnon showed up in this week's "SNL" cold open as Julian Assange - which meant she couldn't do... [Read More]
In a flashback to 2016,Donald Jr. (Mikey Day) and Eric (Alex Moffat) had a secret meeting with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (Kate McKinnon). [Read More]
'Saturday Night Live's' cold open focused on alleged contact between Donald Trump Jr. and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange during the presidential campaign. [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" took a page from old-school spy thrillers this week, kicking off the show with a cloak-and-dagger operation involving Julian Assange and the... [Read More]
This week's episode features 'SNL' spoofing the secret meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Julian Assange. [Read More]
Alec Baldwin may not have appeared in the "SNL" cold open for the second week in a row, but it made up for it by... [Read More]
The sketch riffs on new revelations about the Trump campaign, including Don Jr's release of Twitter messages he traded with WikiLeaks mastermind Assange in September... [Read More]
During the skit, McKinnon's fake Assange was there to hand over Hillary Clinton's stolen emails. However, Clinton, who is another one of McK... [Read More]
Kate McKinnon shows off her expert Assange impression. [Read More]
It was a sketch months in the making but potentially the start of a new recurring property. "Saturday Night Live" opened its Nov. 18 episode... [Read More]