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Throughout my summer vacation, the words "vision" and "forward" echoed in my mind, urging me to strive toward my goals. My name is Zach Williams.... [Read More]
Lawyers say they intend to sue on behalf of a man who was hit in the head by a flash-bang grenade allegedly fired by police... [Read More]
Open Letter to Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz:President Trump nominated Brett Kavanaugh to serve as associate justice on the Supreme Court and is now... [Read More]
A large group of pastors and church members gathered outside Dallas Police headquarters to pray and call for justice in the investigation into the suspicious... [Read More]
It was a time of remembrance. But it was also a call for justice. [Read More]
Ryan Bundy, former Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge occupier and current candidate for governor of Nevada, denied calling for an "eye for an eye" criminal... [Read More]
Pirro: "It's not just obstruction, it is an attempt at a coup" [Read More]
A Las Vegas man faces federal charges in connection with what prosecutors describe as an investment fraud scheme with upward of 400 victims, the Department... [Read More]
U.S. President offers a scathing assessment of Sessions's performance as head of the Justice Department and said he regrets nominating him for the job. [Read More]
A short delay in confirming Kavanaugh's nomination is a small price to pay for justice and honor. [Read More]
The extradition of suspected criminals between Britain and the EU should operate as normal despite Brexit, the union's highest court has signalled. The Court of... [Read More]
An elderly couple gets justice after being brutally beaten in their own home.Daniel Evans, 52, was sentenced to a total of 60 years in... [Read More]
Are young adults a special category of offender? England and Wales's most senior judge believes so: Lord Burnett of Maldon, the lord chief justice, argues... [Read More]
Courts should sentence adult offenders in their teens or early twenties leniently and even spare them jail because they are still immature, the lord chief... [Read More]
Just five months after Mr Justice Warby gave judgment in the case of NT1 & NT2 v Google, discreet signs of a shift in the... [Read More]
ivil law, the citizens' protection and recourse, is fundamental to English society. It is vital that there is easy and affordable access to its remedies.... [Read More]
Court of AppealPublished September 20JT v First-tier TribunalBefore Sir Terence Etherton, Master of the Rolls, Lady Justice Sharp and Lord Justice Leggatt[2018] EWCA Civ 1735Judgment... [Read More]
"We are looking into this immediately and have referred this matter to the Inspector General as well." [Read More]
On Friday night, protesters wound through downtown Dallas calling for justice after 26-year-old Botham Jean was fatally shot in his own apartment... [Read More]
Long-time Chinatown resident Yen Jit Wong remains in intensive care after he was attacked in Chicago's Chinatown neighborhood Tuesday. [Read More]