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Following a deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand, Trump said white supremacy isn't a rising danger - his own Justice Department refutes that claim... [Read More]
President Donald Trump appears to be oblivious to the threat of white nationalism. Following a deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand, he said... [Read More]
The college admissions scandal should be the populist issue of our time. Most of the talk in our politics about how "the system is rigged"... [Read More]
Phone scammers have adopted a new persona, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration: the DEA. The arm of the Justice Department felt the need to... [Read More]
It was a troubled department. A U.S. Justice Department investigation found police officers often used deadly force contrary to policy or law. [Read More]
The Justice Department has now confirmed that some of the senior officials involved in Robert Mueller III's Russia investigation have ended their tenure with the... [Read More]
The United States government is cracking down hard on Huawei. Lawmakers and intelligence officials have claimed the telecommunications giant could be exploited by the Chinese... [Read More]
According to a report at Politico, Sen, Chuck Grassley (R-IUA) is conducting a war with President Donald Trump's White House over their refusal to turn... [Read More]
The parents swept up in the nationwide college-admissions scam are accused of not only helping their children cheat their way into elite universities but also... [Read More]
President Donald Trump appears to be oblivious to the threat of white nationalism. Following a deadly mosque shooting in New Zealand, he said white... [Read More]
Georgia Republican Congressman Doug Collins speaks to FNC's Maria Bartiromo on "Sunday Morning Futures" about what can be learned from the newly released transcript of... [Read More]
The guilty plea last week of NXIVM co-founder and President Nancy Salzman was a turning point in the ongoing federal criminal prosecution of the organization's... [Read More]
Lynn Swann promised sweeping changes at USC in light of the allegations levied against the university by the Justice Department. [Read More]
President Trump said he encouraged Republicans to "vote for transparency" after the House unanimously voted on Thursday for the Justice Department to publicly release special... [Read More]
Justice Department prosecutor said access to Michael Flynn's interviews with the special counsel's team would or could hamper other on-going investigations. [Read More]
QuickLink: The House voted 420 to 0 to release the Mueller report. So why is Lindsey Graham blocking the bill? - The Washington Pos -... [Read More]
WASHINGTON—A former U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency officer pleaded guilty to attempted espionage for China, the Justice Department said on Friday, March 15. The officer, Ron... [Read More]
Harry Litman and John Yoo discuss whether or not the DOJ needs to turn over the additional information that Sen. Lindsay Graham requested. [Read More]
The legal team for Hillary Clinton "negotiated" a deal with the corrupt Obama Justice Department that denied the FBI access to the private email server... [Read More]