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Talibanes mataron a 16 combatientes aliados del gobierno afgano en una emboscada en la provincia norteña de Badghis, informaron las autoridades en Afganistán el viernes.... [Read More]
Taliban militants killed at least 16 Afghan police and two civilians in western Badghis province after their three-day ceasefire for the Eid al-Fitr holiday ended... [Read More]
A cease-fire in Kabul and encouraging words from Washington have convinced current and former officials that there's an opening for negotiations. [Read More]
For those who imagine that Taliban control in some regions of Afghanistan consists mainly of men being beaten for failing to pray and girls being... [Read More]
A group of Nepalese Gurkhas who guarded the Canadian Embassy in Kabul have received either no compensation or partial compensation from their employer, who dropped... [Read More]
Sabre International Security, the company now at the centre of a lawsuit against the federal government, was accused of recruiting child soldiers in Africa two... [Read More]
El Talibán mató el jueves a ocho policías en dos ataques separados en Afganistán, según las autoridades. Seis policías murieron y cuatro resultaron heridos... [Read More]
U.S. lawmakers from both parties, in a rare show of bipartisanship, are expressing support this week for the Trump administration's efforts towards a peace agreement... [Read More]
Former Afghan President Karzai has hailed the ceasefire agreement between Kabul and the Taliban at DW's Global Media Forum. He also said the West, including... [Read More]
Al menos 30 soldados fallecieron en ataques talibanes a dos puestos de control en la provincia de Badghis, en el oeste de Afganistán, según un... [Read More]
Taliban militants killed 30 Afghan soldiers and captured a military base in the western province of Badghis on Wednesday, the provincial governor said, their first... [Read More]
Kabul, the Afghan and Mediterranean-focused restaurant that moved across State Street in 2014, has closed. [Read More]
The attack comes days after Taliban said they would resume fighting despite Kabul extending Eid ceasefire by 10 days. [Read More]
Taliban militants killed 30 security forces in an ambush on two checkpoints in the farwestern province of Badghis early on Wednesday, the provincial governor said,... [Read More]
Post-ceasefire attacks in Afghanistan have killed over a dozen national troops, dashing hopes for a long-term truce between the Taliban and Kabul. Why are the... [Read More]
President Trump's pick to lead U.S. forces in Afghanistan said Pakistan is continuing to finance and supports elements of the insurgency fighting Kabul even while... [Read More]
En Afganistán, docenas de activistas llegaron a la capital, Kabul, tras culminar una marcha por la paz en la que recorrieron 700 kilómetros. La marcha... [Read More]
A car bombing near several embassies in Kabul, Afghanistan, killed at least 90 people in May 2017. [Read More]
A group of residents in Afghanistan's restive Helmand province - who began a sit-in this past April, and later embarked on a march to spread... [Read More]
In Afghanistan, dozens of activists have arrived in the capital Kabul after a 435-mile march to demand peace. The march began with a dozen youth... [Read More]