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Monday, October 16, 2017 at 10:15 AM
The hosts of "Fox & Friends" were not fans of a new "Saturday Night Live" sketch featuring Kate McKinnon as White House counselor Kellyanne Conway. [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" portrays Kellyanne Conway as Pennywise the Clown in an 'It' parody. [Read More]
Kellyanne Conway hasn't been quite so visibly lately, but the SNL crew discovered her last weekend, lurking in the sewers as a clown called "Kellywise." [Read More]
Kate McKinnon won an Emmy Award in 2016 for her "Saturday Night Live" impersonations of Kellyanne Conway and Hillary Clinton. [Read More]
Did you see SNL's send up of Conway? [Read More]
What could possibly be scarier than Pennywise, the clown from Stephen King's "It"? Kellywise, the clown version of Kellyanne Conway, according to "SNL." [Read More]
And more of what's popular online. [Read More]
Saturday Night Live's parody of IT had CNN's Anderson Cooper come face-to-face with a demented Kellyanne Conway. [Read More]
This weekend the late night sketch series decided to mix some of its political comedy up with a pop culture nod to Stephen King's IT,... [Read More]
Proving or perhaps just reaffirming that it usually takes a few weeks to shake off the long summer nap, "Saturday Night Live" pulled down a... [Read More]
Fox and Friends refuses to understand how comedy works unless it only mocks the left. [Read More]
Kate McKinnon Tempts Anderson Cooper As "Kellywise the Dancing Clown" on SNL ... [Read More]
This is the third time they've done this sketch... [Read More]
Like Pennywise, she too appears in a storm drain...before Anderson Cooper... [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" mixed Stephen King's popular horror story "It" with presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway's penchant for outrageous quotes. [Read More]
It's as bad as you think it is. [Read More]
"SNL" studiously ignored the biggest entertainment catastrophe of the year — sexual harassment and rape allegations against Harvey Weinstein — last week. [Read More]
Kate McKinnon lampooned Kellyanne Conway on "SNL" by portraying the White House senior adviser as Pennywise the murderous clown from the movie "It." [Read More]
The sketch show's take on the increasingly irrelevant presidential counselor was its most savage yet. [Read More]