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Former First Lady Michelle Obama didn't mention President Donald Trump by name like her husband did earlier this month, but there's no denying the undercurrent... [Read More]
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The flames are still flickering on that pile of smoldering Nikes, yet we're already on to the next #MAGA boycott: Willie Nelson. [Read More]
Bob Lutz, a renowned "car czar" and the blunt-talking former vice chairman of General Motors, has never really been one to soft pedal his opinions,... [Read More]
Bert and Ernie were trending Tuesday afternoon on Twitter, and, it might be noted, they were doing so in a consciously decoupled fashion. [Read More]
Uncertainty and safety are the key words right now when it comes to the resumption of high school sports. [Read More]
Sen. Mazie Hirono on Tuesday didn't sound impressed with the denials of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over the allegations by Christine Blasey Ford that... [Read More]
China's most famous business executive said the trade tensions between his country and the U.S. will last far longer than the administration of President Donald... [Read More]
Square Inc., the company once known for its small payment dongles, revealed big objectives at Recode's Code Commerce event in New York on Tuesday. [Read More]
Apple Inc. Chief Executive Tim Cook defended the price of the company's iPhones on during a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America, saying that while... [Read More]
Roubini: "When it comes, the next crisis and recession could be even more severe and prolonged than the last." [Read More]
President Donald Trump's commerce chief says prices will go up for consumers as a result of new tariffs on Chinese goods — but not by... [Read More]
The Trump administration is ready to talk with China about trade, when Beijing is "serious," White House adviser Larry Kudlow said Monday, even as he... [Read More]
Former Secretary of State John Kerry took time during an appearance on Bill Maher's TV program to respond to an angry tweet from President Trump. [Read More]