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Sen. John McCain urged America not to back away from its global leadership role, and warned against the rise of "spurious nationalism" in a speech... [Read More]
The origin of gold and other precious metals in the universe has finally been confirmed after a gravitational wave collision was seen and heard in... [Read More]
For those hoping to witness a tamping down of tensions between Washington and Pyongyang, the weekend was a grave disappointment, at least in the eyes... [Read More]
At a cabinet meeting Monday, President Donald Trump said his announcement that he will end cost-sharing payments to insurers has effectively ended the landmark legislation... [Read More]
Filmmaker Woody Allen said Sunday the sexual misconduct scandal that brought down Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was "very sad" for all involved, but that he's... [Read More]
President Trump indicated in his interview the other day with Mike Huckabee on the Trinity Broadcasting Network that he believed he may have coined the... [Read More]
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Sunday that the U.S. will continue to seek a diplomatic solution to the crisis with North Korea up until... [Read More]
Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, believes he's hit on a term that captures the Trump weltanschaaung, à la the Monroe or... [Read More]
Pakistan-born Shahid Khan in 2012 the first nonwhite owner of a National Football League team. [Read More]
Sen. Sasse's response came after Trump seemed to challenge the freedom of the press, more than once, by questioning broadcast licensing. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's chief of staff says he's here to stay. In a rare appearance at the daily White House briefing, John Kelly said although... [Read More]
The Japanese government wants Kobe Steel to report on the result of its new safety checks within two weeks, with the reason behind the falsehoods... [Read More]
A close friend and frequent confidant of Donald Trump's says he's disappointed by the way the president has handled some parts of his job, and... [Read More]
He didn't spell it L-I-T-T-L-E, as is customary, or even L-I-apostrophe-L, but, according to a New York Times report late Tuesday, President Donald Trump's tweeted... [Read More]