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who died just days after being released from captivity in the country... [Read More]
Former Iowa governor Terry Branstad remains hopeful Xi Jinping can combat threat of Kim Jong-un. [Read More]
North Korea could welcome world to new beach resort after delegation of 20 officials from the ultra-secretive state enjoyed a fact-finding road trip earlier this... [Read More]
The tyranny of the dynasty that's governed North Korea since 1945 has never been so obvious as this year while Kim Jong-un, grandson of dynasty... [Read More]
KIM Jong-un has issued a defiant response to demands to to give up his nuclear weapons. [Read More]
Korea president invites N. Korea to Pyeongchang Olympics ... [Read More]
North Korean government of Kim Jong-Un is planning a Mediterranean "costa"-style beach resort, taking inspiration from emblematic tourism hot spots in Spain, such as Benidorm. [Read More]
Our fear of nuclear conflict has more to do with Iron Man and Godzilla than it does Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. [Read More]
EX-BASKETBALL player Dennis Rodman has claimed he helped persuade Kim Jong-un to release US student Otto Warmbier from North Korea where he had been held... [Read More]
Twenty officials from North Korea spent a month touring Spain, visiting a number of tourist hot spots including Benidorm, Salou and Barcelona in search of... [Read More]
Andy Borowitz humorously imagines Jared Kushner complaining to Fox News that Kim Jong-un, the North Korean leader, got his job through nepotism. [Read More]
Ted Rall/Cartoon of the Day Why is Donald Trump engaging in nuclear brinkmanship with North Korea after previous presidents Obama and Bush managed to get... [Read More]
NORTH Korean despot Kim Jong-un has demanded the construction of a Benidorm-style beach resort after officials were left 'amazed' by a trip to Spain's Costa... [Read More]
Wong Maye-E/AP North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has as been the source of much international scrutiny. Lately, he's been in the... [Read More]
NORTH Korean officials were "amazed" by Benidorm when they visited to look for inspiration for the secretive state's own large beach resort in Wonsan. [Read More]
TYRANT Kim Jong-un is planning a "costa-style" beach resort after falling in love with Benidorm and Salou. [Read More]
NORTH KOREAN dictator Kim Jong-un could use today's anniversary of the Korean War to spark a fresh global conflict, officials and experts have warned. [Read More]
Otto Warmbier's death is one of hundreds of thousands at the hands of the most brutal regime in the world, North Korea's. [Read More]
North Korea conducts another rocket engine test ... [Read More]
UD professor: Otto Warmbier 'got exactly what he deserved' ... [Read More]