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Global businesses faced a deadline last week to exit joint ventures operating in North Korea, but dozens of them are still there, providing the country... [Read More]
You have to wonder where Kim Jong Un is going with his current "peace offensive" directed at South Korea. The euphoria over his decision to... [Read More]
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The White House on Saturday denied and corrected a quote attributed to President Donald Trump that suggested he had a good relationship with North Korean... [Read More]
The White House disputed that President Donald Trump told The Wall Street Journal in an interview Thursday that "I probably have a very good relationship... [Read More]
Around 10 minutes elapsed between when the false warning went out and a correction was issued - a nervous period for Pacific islanders watching Kim... [Read More]
(ABC News) President Donald Trump's tweeted threat last fall that North Korea would be met with 'fire and fury' became the title of a new... [Read More]
Educated in Swiss schools under fake names, Kim Jong Un and his siblings have a long, intriguing history in the Alps. [Read More]
Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Saturday that President Donald Trump's strong rhetoric toward dictator Kim Jong Un is trying "in his own way"... [Read More]
Despite his dumpy physique, Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator, is known to be a winter sports enthusiast, a legacy of his days at a... [Read More]
NORTH Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un will hold crunch talks with his arch enemy about allowing an all-girl band to perform at the Winter Olympics. [Read More]
Trump and Kim Jong Un are both beating the war drums. I can't prove what's going on, but it seems like a staged event, so... [Read More]
North Korea, China and ISIS were center stage – with some differences of opinion on coping with Kim Jong Un – at the annual Chamber... [Read More]
PRESIDENT Trump's hardline stance on North Korea's menacing has left Kim Jong-un's regime "off-balance" and less likely to attack the US than previously thought, according... [Read More]
North Korean media crowed, "Trump is being massively humiliated worldwide.”... [Read More]
'It would be suicidal to attack the United States of America first': North Korean diplomats ... [Read More]
Hawaii residents got a jolt this morning as they woke up to frightening mobile push alerts warning island residents of an incoming missile and instructing... [Read More]
A group of former nuclear launch officers said President Donald Trump (left) is 'a clear and present danger' following his nuclear button tweet to North... [Read More]
Fox News military analyst shares his thoughts on President Trump's relationship with Kim Jong Un. [Read More]
The White House on Saturday denied and corrected a quote attributed to President Donald Trump that suggested he had good contacts with North Korean leader... [Read More]