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Ellen DeGeneres has become the queen of spoofing the years' biggest films. For example, on Wednesday, she came out with her very own behind-the-scenes take on La La Land,... [Read More]
"Moonlight" and "La La Land" are easily the two biggest movies of 2016, scoring six and seven golden globe nominations, respectively. While Moonlight won one of six categories and "La... [Read More]
Find out the truth about Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone — and their on and off-set chemistry during the making of 'La La Land!'... [Read More]
Damien Chazelle's magical musical has become a major Oscar frontrunner for a studio needing a new hit franchise after 'The Hunger Games.'... [Read More]
Movie tipLa La LandThere's a reason this movie has been winning all sorts of awards: it sparkles with big-screen magic. It references old-school... [Read More]
Sure, this throwback to Hollywood's Golden Age of musicals is critically acclaimed, but awards have nothing to do with its appeal. [Read More]
We've now hit the home stretch. With Oscar voting closed and nominations being announced on January 24, it's an excruciating waiting game for those in the running. Some things have shifted... [Read More]
The camera pans through four different cars before arriving at Clarice Ordaz's.Briefly, a woman in an orange dress is seen on screen listening to the radio, daydreaming. The camera moves on to a... [Read More]
I do not know how they turned on the projector, nor do I know how they flew all over the planetarium. That was pretty amazing, tbh. [Read More]
While we know Emma Stone earned her first Golden Globe Award for her performance in La La Land, initially the role was slated for another Hollywood leading lady. Well, in her dreams, at... [Read More]
It seems Emma Stone wasn't always the top pick, according to the daytime talk show host... [Read More]
Watch the comedian gamely take on the role of Ryan Gosling's love interest Mia in an amusing spoof trailer for hit musical 'La La Land.'... [Read More]
Sorry not sorry, Emma Stone. [Read More]
The fact that "La La Land" is a modern-day movie musical is the most frequently mentioned fact about it, but the strength of this charming story is in the romance between the two... [Read More]
Ellen DeGeneres spoofed Emma Stone's 'La La Land' character in a hilarious new trailer, and even got to kiss Ryan Gosling — watch! [Read More]
"You have two actors that have an onscreen chemistry that I think is one for the ages." [Read More]