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New Zealand might have a tight labour market, with falling numbers of people out of work, but that doesn't mean everyone has got all the... [Read More]
Left-wing members are urging Labour to steer away from Theresa May's 'kamikaze' Brexit... [Read More]
New grassroots Labour movement calls on Jeremy Corbyn to back a second referendum on Brexit. Labour For A People's Vote, unveiled on Monday, wants the... [Read More]
About 500 labour representatives hit the streets of Bangkok Sunday to convey their concerns about growing unemployment and finding a sustainable solution to labour rights... [Read More]
British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn, under fire for having anti-Israel views born out of anti-Semitism, said in a tweet that a Labour-led g... [Read More]
The Tory party has been condemned for its "lack of humanity and compassion" after it broke with convention and forced sick and heavily pregnant MPs... [Read More]
Former leader of the Labour party Ed Miliband has challenged Prime Minister Theresa May to do more about US President Donald Trump, and other right-wing... [Read More]
Pro-EU group 'Our Future Our Choice', who confronted Jeremy Corbyn with a huge 'stop backing brexit' banner during his speech at the recent Labour Live... [Read More]
The deputy leader of Labour has reported UK PM Theresa May to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), for "misleading" when she suggested that a 'Brexit... [Read More]
from shea nuts to wax used as a base for mascara - are produced by smallholder farmers where the risk of labour abuse is high... [Read More]
Jeremy Corbyn critic John Woodcock demanded a "genuinely independent" investigation and told Labour: "You have shown disregard for the law" [Read More]
Backbenchers defy Jeremy Corbyn by working behind the scenes with Tory whips... [Read More]
A great-grandson of Koro Wētere clutched a framed photograph of the late Māori leader as he led whānau towards his casket. ... [Read More]
Party leader says Labour would take step 'very early on' after winning power as he visits Palestinian refugees... [Read More]
"The next Labour government will recognise Palestine as a state as one step towards a genuine two-state solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict," Corbyn wrote on... [Read More]
the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. A historic step - that split the country down the middle.Divisions far from healed - on... [Read More]
Crowd of tens of thousands includes anti-Brexit Tories and Labour voters, alongside British and EU citizens... [Read More]
Analysis: Polling suggests shift in favour of a new public vote, which has received support from the Lib Dems, Green Party, and some Labour MPs... [Read More]
Last week, ministers of health, policy makers in health and finance, patient organisations, and academic advisers met in Tallinn, Estonia, to discuss the future of... [Read More]
Two years on from the EU referendum, Labour says Theresa May's handling of Brexit is stopping Britain getting a good deal. Sir Keir Starmer,... [Read More]