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LAURA INGRAHAM (HOST): To get to the point [Victor Davis Hanson], it's about changing the demographic makeup of the country, which they hope will change... [Read More]
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"I assume they mean Donald Trump," host Laura Ingraham said. [Read More]
Laura Ingraham and guests were breaking down Time's Person of the Year on "The Ingraham Angle" when a graphic showing the runner-ups included one "David"... [Read More]
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Ingraham: "2013 shutdown, which was a real shutdown, that didn't hurt the Republicans at all" [Read More]
"Guardians of the fallacy -- that's the focus of tonight's angle." [Read More]
Ingraham: "I think the president wins this every day of the week. He should say 'OK, prepare the shutdown'" [Read More]
Laura Ingraham: We will get answers about DOJ corruption, whether Comey remembers or not. [Read More]
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