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Influential lawmakers and representatives of the American IT industry, including Facebook, have opposed the Trump administration's proposed plan to withdraw work permits to the spouses... [Read More]
Republican senators say they want President Donald Trump's embattled environmental chief to address questions about ethics and spending decisions. But GOP lawmakers who have stood... [Read More]
French President Emmanuel Macron, addressing a joint meeting of Congress, denounced the wave of nationalistic fervor that helped Donald Trump capture the White House and... [Read More]
Gun safety advocates gave passionate and emotional testimony on Tuesday in Chicago as part of a push for lawmakers to override Gov. Bruce Rauner's veto... [Read More]
At least one Democratic lawmaker is planning to boycott a new committee to investigate confidential settlements made with state employees. House Speaker Austin Knudsen and... [Read More]
Sen. Orrin Hatch says he would vote against legislation that would thwart the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller but adds that President Donald Trump... [Read More]
The Trump administration is preparing to submit to the U.S. Congress up to $25 billion in immediate spending cuts, including possible reductions to social safety... [Read More]
With few answers yet as to why a group of IT aides were fired by House Democratic lawmakers in 2017, a U.S. House panel on... [Read More]
Republican lawmakers and aides have grown increasingly frustrated with the White House over the last several days -- tied in part to the unconventional nomination... [Read More]
Recently I've read that Congress is planning on criminalizing having an abortion. If lawmakers have their way, anyone who has an abortion will be sent... [Read More]
His nomination in peril, Veterans Affairs nominee Ronny Jackson fought to convince lawmakers of his leadership abilities as more details of accusations against him emerged,... [Read More]
A man who disarmed a gunman accused of killing four people at a Nashville Waffle House has received a standing ovation from Tennessee lawmakers. [Read More]
Iowa's young people are marching for common-sense gun laws. Lawmakers should listen to them.        ... [Read More]
Is Emmanuel Macron the new leader of the free world? Politico magazine declared him such in the days before his visit to the United States,... [Read More]
Less than a month after federal officials raided a meatpacking plant in East Tennessee and arrested nearly 100 immigrants, House lawmakers approved a bill Wednesday... [Read More]
Lawmakers in the U.S. will consider a bi-partisan bill that creates requirements for social media companies to protect the data of its users. The bill... [Read More]
French President Emmanuel Macron issued what he called an urgent plea to President Donald Trump and the U.S. to maintain its role as a global... [Read More]
The group's statement gives cover to Republicans, who dominate both the Tennessee General Assembly and Congress, to start doing something.        ... [Read More]
Indiana's pre-K program is expanding to 20 counties across the state thanks to a $22 million expansion lawmakers passed last year. [Read More]
Advocates are making another push for a New York law banning therapy that attempts to change the sexual orientation or gender identity of minors. Dozens... [Read More]