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A 'Right-to-Try' bill is now headed to President Donald Trump's desk. The house voted in favor of the legislation earlier this week, and senate passed it... [Read More]
Senators have ordered an independent investigation of how the Defense Department has handled sexual violence among children who live and go to school on military... [Read More]
Rep. Jim Himes has developed thick skin in nine years on Capitol Hill, but the one thing guaranteed to get under it is any suggestion... [Read More]
"It's an emerging problem, and I think as a society our laws need to address that," said Colonel Jeffrey Katz. [Read More]
Counting begins on Saturday in Ireland's historic referendum on abortion as exit polls showed an overwhelming vote in favour of liberalising some of the strictest... [Read More]
I was impressed when I attended Akron City Council's May 14 meeting: Council actually listened to the beekeepers who pointed out the flaws in the... [Read More]
The concept makes sense: A decade after the debacle on Wall Street, take a look at the regulatory changes made in response through the 2010... [Read More]
Gov. Dannel P. Malloy on Friday signed legislation to preserve 10 essential benefits in the federal Affordable Care Act in state law, including contraception coverage.... [Read More]
The legislation would have slashed taxes on legal pot for three years to entice people away from the black market. [Read More]
Controversial gun legislation was back in front of lawmakers this week. [Read More]
News4 has learned that new legislation is being proposed to make sure the Bird scooters are safe for everyone that uses them in Nashville. [Read More]
UPDATE: This fundamental shift to the economy of sports gambling is raising further questions. Will the incentive to fix games increase? Will bookies soon face... [Read More]
Pretty soon, people who rent bird scooters could have a list of rules to follow. News4 has learned new legislation is underway to make... [Read More]
setting up government-sponsored legislation to legalize abortions on babies as old as 6 months. A poll for the Irish Times of voters as they left... [Read More]
Work group called for in failed legislation can still come together. [Read More]
President Donald Trump has spent recent weeks publicly hammering Congress to crack down on "legal loopholes" he says allow criminals to enter the country illegally.... [Read More]
U.S. tech companies would be forced to disclose if they allowed American adversaries, like Russia and China, to examine the inner workings of software sold... [Read More]
Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine (Va.) signaled support Friday for legislation to strengthen the power of unions to recruit members and negotiate with employers. [Read More]
Frustrated by congressional gridlock, WeatherTech founder David MacNeil, a megadonor to Donald Trump's inauguration, said Friday he is cutting off funding to any Republican candidate... [Read More]
Drew Angerer/Getty Images Former staffers for Rep. Tom Garrett claim they were required to preform personal errands for the congressman. These errands included... [Read More]