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In his annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders, Warren Buffett makes the case for doing less and sticking to the fundamentals of investing. [Read More]

Earlier today Berkshire Hathaway did what it always does on the last Saturday of February: It released both its financial results for the year just... [Read More]

18th annual Community Health Fair on Friday, March 2, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. in the Flatt Gym... [Read More]
Foxy penned an open letter, saying, "The man I've known and loved, was nothing more than the respectful, respected, gentleman." [Read More]
'Institute a national shooter's permit ... it would have multiple categories.'... [Read More]
'The surgeons and all medical staff are second to none.'... [Read More]
'How many innocent people must die before we quit worshiping guns ... ?'... [Read More]
When is 'right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness,' greater than a shooter's? [Read More]
'Some Sioux Falls leaders deny there is a crime issue.'... [Read More]
To the students, thank you for standing up in the wake of a tragedy that has become too commonplace in our country. [Read More]
MCCRACKEN COUNTY, KY -Survivors of the 1997 Heath High School shooting are collecting letters of encouragement and notebooks for students, teachers, and faculty at the... [Read More]
In an Instagram post she called an "open letter," Foxy Brown voices her support of Russell Simmons amid sexual assault allegations. [Read More]
In his annual letter to shareholders, the billionaire and famed investor gives some advice. [Read More]
He intends to call for a vote at the Tuesday City Council meeting. He will go one step further and ask the council to approve... [Read More]
To the Editor: I want to thank the Daily Sun, and Patrick Sparks, for the article, "Compassion Corsicana combines charities. [Read More]
Warren Buffett explains in his 2017 annual letter how he turned his $318,250 bet into $2.2 million for the Girls Inc. of Omaha charity. [Read More]
Only a test? [Read More]
Vote for D93 bond proposal... [Read More]
In his annual letter to shareholders, Warren Buffett laments Berkshire Hathaway's growing cash pile but says there were virtually no acquisitions available at a "reasonable... [Read More]
Letter to Editor: GOP and the gun lobby ... [Read More]