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I am writing this as a proud daughter and supporter of Gary Molenaar and his re-election campaign for Mount Vernon City Council Ward 2. [Read More]
The only way to solve the gun problem is to tax the sales of new guns, says letter writer MT Maloney. [Read More]
Wake up and smell the coffee! CBS fired Hayley Geftman-Gold for comments about the victims of the Las Vegas shootings. [Read More]
Chip Taylor, founder and director of Monarch Watch, became sure that the monarch butterfly population was declining after he read a letter from a Nebraska... [Read More]
In an open letter to the CM, BJP's Kerala president said Pinarayi Vijayan was an administrator who "failed to ensure" a free environment for his... [Read More]
The letter "Prez won't back down" (Oct. 11) bolsters such schoolyard logic that the conflict between North Korea and the United States is about the... [Read More]
In a letter signed by Mayor Edward Kennedy and Superintendent Salah Khelfaoui, the School Committee has asked the Massachusetts School Building Authority to take no... [Read More]
Serving on the Mount Vernon City Council is both challenging and rewarding. Your decision-making skills are constantly challenged with difficult social and financial issues. But... [Read More]
Recently, my 9-year-old son wrote a fan letter to his favorite band, Metallica. He told the band what songs he likes the best and how... [Read More]
When you're stuck with no foreseeable path ahead, what do you do? The Sugars, with fiction writer Mitchell S. Jackson, advise letter writers who want... [Read More]
Activist investor Daniel Loeb on Friday praised Nestlé SA's recent moves to raise shareholder value but indicated he will continue to push the packaged foods... [Read More]
In response to the allegation by fellow PENNCREST School Board member Mr. Bill Mantzell, I did not have any prior knowledge or discussion of the... [Read More]
Each day we are greeted with news, often depressing, from storms in the South to fires in the West, from mass shootings and violence to... [Read More]
As a federal retiree who has served our country for years, I am deeply concerned with a provision in the president's budget which would eliminate... [Read More]
Re: Guest editorial, Aug. 31, "Beware the progressive agenda" Terribly sad commentary! But heart-breakingingly familiar. Those typical buzzwords like "baby chop shops," "leftist liberals... [Read More]
This definitely is campaign season. As evidenced by the growing crop of yard signs in the Skagit Valley, many local races are hotly contested. [Read More]
A hand-written letter found on the body of a man killed in the sinking of the Titanic is expected to fetch up to £80,000 at auction on... [Read More]
I respond to the Oct. 13 Dispatch editorial "Shady clinics add to hell of opioids." I have successfully treated hundreds of patients with Suboxone in... [Read More]
I respond to the Oct. 13 Dispatch article "In 12 hours, Trump undoes vast parts of Obamacare." Our president's action is much more modest than... [Read More]
According to a recent executive order, employers need no longer provide birth-control coverage to their employees if doing so violates their religious beliefs. One would... [Read More]