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Hunters know from boots on the ground experience that big-game animals often use the same migration corridors year after year. Mule deer, in particular, tend... [Read More]
I'm tired. Not physically, I'm quite healthy, thank God. No, I'm mentally exhausted from the polarization of America. Tired of the liberal main stream media.... [Read More]
Almost reflexively, the military, police, firemen and EMS are recognized as local heroes. [Read More]
According to the editorial "Very fine people" (August 13), there were zero people there simply to express dismay over the proposed removal of Charlottesville's equestrian... [Read More]
The piece by John Edwards was excellent ("Medicaid expansion has been a success in Virginia," Aug. 4 commentary). I campaigned hard for the Medicaid expansion.... [Read More]
Crisis threatens our health, infrastructure, economy. [Read More]
More rules on the law-abiding are futile. [Read More]
Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. [Read More]
"It goes without saying that now is the worst possible time to artificially escalate the cost of road construction in Michigan," Sen. Nesbitt writes... [Read More]
Park officials from the Great Smoky Mountains National Park took to Facebook to share an endearing letter they received  from a little girl recently. Her... [Read More]
To the Editor:... [Read More]
The decision by the Public Employees Retirement System board to distribute "excess" PERS earnings during the stock market boom of the 1980s and 1990s was... [Read More]
To the Editor:... [Read More]
It is most odd that some believe that since the magical World Wide Web seems to, but really does not, contain all knowledge, librarians are... [Read More]
On Aug. 10, a couple with their 11-year-old daughter were walking on Laurens Street in the early evening. A couple of teenagers executed the father... [Read More]
Summer remedial program better... [Read More]
Reeves was 'playing politics' himself... [Read More]
Still waiting for Spanberger's position on border... [Read More]
In defense of the Electoral College... [Read More]
Letter of the weekI live in a harbourside house in Cornwall and have been attacked by a herring gull ("Child maiming fears as gulls go... [Read More]