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Voters will be asked to renew two Toledo Public Schools' levies, putting the financial future of the district in voters' hands as they vote on... [Read More]
Voters should say yes to Minneapolis, St. Paul school bonds and operating levies. [Read More]
On Tuesday, Nov. 6, Issue 7 -- a Parma City School District tax levy -- will be on the ballot. There are several things to... [Read More]
Voters in the Mahoning Valley may be surprised by what they do not see this fall on their general... [Read More]
One of the hallmark func- tions of taxpayer-supported government at all levels has long been tending... [Read More]
Levies in Mpls., St. Paul and suburbs would boost taxes, steady district finances. [Read More]
One school district wants funding to expand mental-health services. The district next door wants to hire more school-resource officers. Another neighboring district wants both.Instead of... [Read More]
Read more about WTO neutrality at stake as US, China, EU seem headed for showdown on Business Standard. In a volley of filings, the three... [Read More]
Toledo Public Schools' mission is to produce competitive college and career-ready graduates. As a school district, we are working to make that a reality for... [Read More]
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) levied civil penalties of approximately $1.45 million against travelers who violated firearms regulations at airports around the country last year,... [Read More]
In addition to two countywide levies, voters in some villages and townships also will decide tax issues in the general election. [Read More]
For 40 years, Prop. 13 has loomed above California budget making by carving strict limits, creating a lopsided tax system, and scaring away talk of... [Read More]
On November's ballot, Wayne County Community College District is asking voters to approve a 2.25-mill permanent levy. Currently, WCCCD levies three separate... [Read More]
The brisk business Julius Kirya did from his cash transfer kiosk in the Ugandan capital has slowed right down with a new tax on mobile... [Read More]
According to U.S. code, "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort... [Read More]
The village is hoping to pass two levies this Election Day. [Read More]
Hamilton city's new development contributions policy has been described as "crazy" by long-term investor, landlord and developer Tom Andrews. [Read More]
Liberty Ballot issues Township residents will see these two levies on the November ballot. [Read More]
Residents to decide on increased road levy in November... [Read More]
For Mississippi's first 155 years, the power to tax was jealously guarded by the Legislature. It still is, but there was a lapse. [Read More]