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This kind, likable young man who was presented this basketball season like a present. [Read More]
A quick shift in focus, and boom: You're likable. And memorable. [Read More]
We now have four days to savor, which is different from having four days to gloat, though there'll be a lot of that done around... [Read More]
The Old Man & The Gun is an affable, sedentary tale of a likable old rogue—a sort of Catch Me If You Can for the... [Read More]
In the final Texas Senate debate, Beto O'Rourke came off as likable and charismatic. But his charm is no match for Cruz's obvious competence and... [Read More]
A Chester County man is accused of taking hundreds of thousands of dollars in down payments meant for home renovations and then never completing the... [Read More]
Commissioner Grady Smith has died after nearly 8 years on the board, his colleagues say the likable commissioner will be missed... [Read More]
Is Chrissy teigen—unfiltered, hilarious, adorable—the most likable person on the internet? [Read More]
Michael Kelly is one of those character actors whose face you recognize even if you don't know his name. A three-time Emmy nominee for "House... [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" is well accustomed to aggressively mocking President Trump, but it seems the long-running sketch show wasn't always so down to tease the... [Read More]
So says Taran Killam, who in 2015, wondered why show couldn't take shots at the 'buffoon'... [Read More]
Saturday Night Live too easy on Donald Trump? Just the suggestion might send MAGA hats exploding into the sky, but former cast member Taran Killam... [Read More]
The new comedy 'Wobble Palace' is a tale of bad breakups and broke artists. [Read More]
This is one of those weird movies where the total doesn't equal the sum of its parts, and I'm not sure why. I mean, you've... [Read More]
Jaycob is a charming, engaging and likable boy of Caucasian descent who is quick to give hugs. Those who know him best say he has... [Read More]
Larry McDaris being his humble, likable and gentlemanly self while providing some helpful information ... Steve Hartline excited about the potential in a community campaign... [Read More]
It is rare in a state legislative race to get two likable, qualified and frankly good choices. [Read More]