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Coming out to his fans was the easy part. [Read More]
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which is what went down Friday night at Las Vegas' T-Mobile Arena. [Read More]
"It's something I never probably would have did..." [Read More]
Lots of fresh faces in the rap game broke out this year -- and I'm not talking about acne. Lil Nas X graced the most... [Read More]
Lil Nas X came out as gay back in June, and now he's opening up about the experience. He says it was most nerve-wracking telling... [Read More]
Lil Nas X coming out is going to spark change in the hip-hop community … so says Ty Herndon, who…... [Read More]
Lil Nas X coming out is going to spark change in the hip-hop community ... so says Ty Herndon, who thinks Lil Nas' bravery will... [Read More]
The Comedy Bang Bang host and Between Two Ferns: The Movie co-writer and director talks about the awesomeness of Charli XCX, the ridiculousness of Lil... [Read More]
and you've never seen anything like it. [Read More]
Lil Nas X opened up about the 'nerve-wracking' process of coming out to his father before the rest of the world in Billboard. The rapper... [Read More]
'I'm not worried about anything,' he says in the piece... [Read More]
"Old Town Road" isn't getting tired anytime soon; English singer Courtney Hadwin released her version of the longest-running... [Read More]
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Billboard's senior vp charts and data development Silvio Pietroluongo breaks down the decision-making process behind removing "Old Town Road" from the Hot Country Songs chart. [Read More]
He has the longest-running Hot 100 hit of all time and could soon win Grammy gold, but Lil Nas X is determined to stay weird --... [Read More]