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The military, the police, emergency medical teams and firefighters were there, as they always are, in the middle of the hurricane turmoil in Houston and... [Read More]
RUSH: Here's Michael in Westin, Florida. Welcome, sir. Great to have you here. CALLER: Fourth-time caller, post-Irma, LifeLock dittos thanks to... [Read More]
RUSH: It was all lighthearted and good fun, but she always reminded you that she was the aunt and you were the nephew, in a... [Read More]
Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan wrote passionately in defense of ESPN host Jemele Hill on Wednesday, and the headline on page C-2 screamed "At... [Read More]
Readers sound off on Rush Limbaugh, DACA and Metro schools.        ... [Read More]
Rush Limbaugh--yes, he's still going around and around on your radio dial. True to his name, he's still rushing in where angels fear to go.... [Read More]
"Hard, cold truths." [Read More]
The famous Miami attorney adds the website to his roster of high-profile clients, which has also included Justin Bieber and Rush Limbaugh. [Read More]
The long essay-cover story of Newsweek's September 15 issue by journalist David Friend looked intriguing: "Before Trump Was President, Online Sex Videos, Bill Clinton and... [Read More]
BuzzFeed News is making a change to the legal team handling its defamation lawsuit over publishing the Trump dossier, hiring Roy Black, a lawyer best known... [Read More]
Denying hurricanes As I write this, Texas is bailing out of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricanes Irma (said to be among the... [Read More]
Rushin' outAfter spending much of the week telling his listeners that Hurricane Irma was fake news and part of the fake climate change conspiracy, Rush... [Read More]
Rush Limbaugh, Florida professor draw attention away from how we can confront climate change issues. [Read More]
As Trump wheels and deals, what if the Republican Congress actually worked to advance his agenda? [Read More]
Limbaugh: Trump is an old hand at business, but he is new at the game of politics, and he will benefit from constructive feedback. [Read More]
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Two Floridians. Both well-known conservative voices in the Sunshine State. And yet vastly different reactions to the pending arrival of Hurricane Irma. For the last... [Read More]
"Climate change, radical environmentalism, and so the occasion of this hurricane is an exciting thing for them." [Read More]