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I have taken buses and trains and commuted by bike and train from South Dade to Coral Gables and Brickell for three years. Metrorail is... [Read More]
Authorities are hoping to form a Washington Metrorail Safety Commission to act as an oversight authority for the train service. [Read More]
A track problem near the Rosslyn Metro Station is affecting three Metrorail lines. [Read More]
Watch for major delays along US-290, I-10 East, The North Sam Houston Tollway and along METRO's Red Rail line this weekend. [Read More]
The Metrorail may finally be getting its long-overdue extension. Now we just need to decide where to start. Of the six corridors identified in the... [Read More]
Mechanical problems and staffing shortages at Miami-Dade's cash-strapped Metrorail system have led to a "substantial decrease" in working cars, according to a state report citing... [Read More]
Metro's campaign to win riders back to the troubled transit system promotes a slogan that sets low expectations: Back2Good. Officials for the subway and... [Read More]
Metro has pushed back its timeline for retrofitting some of its rail cars with safety barriers meant to protect the visually impaired from falling into... [Read More]
Starting Sunday, June 25 Metrobus and Metrorail prices will increase. [Read More]
The cost of riding Metrobus and Metrorail will increase between ten and 25 cents per ride. In addition, some bus schedules have been changed or... [Read More]
And here I thought I was only getting a ride in a filthy Metrorail train. But the hygiene issue is only a symptom of a... [Read More]
Re Fabiola Santiago's June 21 column, "There's no excuse for filthy Metrorail trains:" The cars indeed are dirty. Trains are crowded and often late. Burned-out... [Read More]
Metrorail car derailment that took place at 4:15 am on May14, 2017 while cars were on their way to the cleaning track. …... [Read More]
As Metro's aggressive, year-long maintenance plan comes to an end, riders see changes to Metrobus and Metrorail fares, schedules and routes. [Read More]
Top legal news: Harris County Judge Fields withdraws from costly legal representation in $3.5 million bail lawsuit; Elaborate scam sets up fake 'law firm' to... [Read More]
One person died Wednesday evening after a major crash involving three vehicles and a METRORail train... [Read More]
FOX 26 News Reporter Kaitlin Monte... [Read More]
A METRORail was involved in a crash near McGowen and Main Street. Three vehicles, including the METRORail were involved in the accident. Injuries are unknown... [Read More]
The driver of a sport utility vehicle has died after it struck two other vehicles, flipped over and crashed into a METRORail car on McGowen... [Read More]
A major accident between a vehicle and the METRORail train occurred Wednesday evening, according to KHOU. [Read More]