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Hebron is the biggest city in the Palestinian West Bank with a population of 200,000 Palestinians and around 1,000 Israeli settlers. Many call the... [Read More]
Leftists in total meltdown after Trump-Putin meeting. [Read More]
Police were initially called to the Blanco subdivision due to reports of a 'possible car bomb.' Police said it turned out to be military supplies... [Read More]
There's Big Steel. There's Big Pharma. Now comes the latest major lobbying organization to demonstrate the astounding power corporate conservatives have. Say hello to Big... [Read More]
Top Pentagon official Michael Griffin sat down a few weeks ago with Air Force scientists at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio to discuss... [Read More]
A South Korean military helicopter crashed during a test flight on Tuesday in the southeastern city of Pohang, killing five people and injuring one, the... [Read More]
South Korea's military says five people died in a helicopter crash at a marines base in the southeastern city of Pohang. [Read More]
The sales chief of Eurofighter said he was confident the four-country consortium could sell "several hundred" more aircraft in coming years, given rising military spending... [Read More]
The military secretary acts as the prime minister's senior IDF adviser on national security matters, overseeing the exchange of information and decisions between the army... [Read More]
Dozens of Syrians who approached Israel's frontier fence on the Golan Heights on Tuesday in an apparent attempt to seek help or sanctuary, began walking... [Read More]
If the United States tried lowering its defense spending to mirror Europe's, President Donald Trump could safely fund several of his key priorities — including... [Read More]
Robin Williams earned his first Oscar nomination playing Sgt. Adrian Cronauer in 1987's "Good Morning, Vietnam," but the late star's relationship with the American troops... [Read More]
Ahead of vote, key facts and figures from population size and GDP to registered voters and military achievements. [Read More]
At least 100 unregistered workers are feared killed in one of the deadliest places on earth: the muddy jade mines that enrich Myanmar's military. [Read More]
Thousands of sailors assigned to the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group will return to Naval Station Norfolk this week just three months after deploying... [Read More]
A smoke-and-mirrors effort by Mr. Trump after being briefed extensively on the specific roles by Russian military commanders to tamper with the 2016 presidential election. [Read More]
A violent military campaign sent scores of Myanmar's minority Rohingya Muslims running for their lives. Now the monsoon season is bringing fresh dangers to the... [Read More]
Thirty recipients of the Medal of Honor -- the country's highest and most prestigious personal military honor -- will be recognized in a ceremony before... [Read More]
Weymouth police officer Michael Chesna died doing the job he'd always wanted. He enlisted in the Army and served in Iraq and Afghanistan. He had... [Read More]
So, to recap: On Friday, a Republican deputy attorney general appointed by President Trump himself announced that a federal grand jury convened by a Republican... [Read More]