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If approved as part of a new NAFTA, a U.S. proposal that half of all parts and vehicles that cross borders under the pact be... [Read More]
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If the "Made in America" label is important to you, these 50 gifts won't disappoint. Check out these toys, kitchen items, and clothes. [Read More]
If the "Made in America" label is important to you, these 50 gifts won't disappoint. Check out these toys, kitchen items, and clothes. [Read More]
Elko Credenza (2011) Eastvold Matthew Eastvold, Owner "All of our furniture is made right here in our shop in Northfield, Minnesota. While I have experience... [Read More]
Eileen lamp (2009) Misewell Paul Georgeson, Cofounder "We've worked with online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores. We shifted gears and now only sell direct. [Read More]
Cypress articulating sconce (2016) Rejuvenation The most unusual element of this piece, which is made up of 25 components and takes up to four weeks... [Read More]
brushed canvas (2017) Pottery Barn This is one of an array of domestically sourced fabrics offered on the York Square Arm Deep Seat Sofa, a... [Read More]
Leather stool (2017) Amuneal Adam Kamens, CEO "The machine-made artifacts from CNC machining, laser cutting, water-jet cutting, and CNC forming are erased by the hands-on... [Read More]
Night Dance Blanket (2017) Pendleton Woolen Mills Woven and finished using jacquard looms in Pendleton, Oregon, the Night Dance blanket is manufactured by adhering to... [Read More]
Washington Circle Breakfast Table (2016) Brush Factory Rosie Kovacs, Owner The Cincinnati—based furniture company launched its first line last year when it won a $20,000... [Read More]
Ten-cup Glass Handle (1941) Chemex Inspired by the Bauhaus and generic lab equipment, the Chemex coffee maker is made from a single piece... [Read More]
Heiss desk (2009) Ali Sandifer Andre Sandifer, Co-owner "This table takes us sixty hours from start to finish, and we average about ten per year."... [Read More]
Rod + Weave Chair (2014) Eric Trine Studio What started as a student project is now a core product for the Long Beach—based studio,... [Read More]
Ladder Line Light (2017) Fort Makers For the 2017 Site Unseen exhibition in New York, the Brooklyn-based company fabricated an 11-foot-tall LED illuminated ladder, created... [Read More]
Stoneware Mugs (2016) CGCERAMICS Christie Goodfellow, Owner "The mugs are produced in a 169-square-foot studio in my backyard. Each one takes about 38 minutes—this... [Read More]
Bella Bedroom Sofa (2017) Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams Headquartered in Taylorsville, North Carolina, since 1989, the company spends up to six weeks to... [Read More]
Lapa No. 436 (2017) David Weeks Studio It takes approximately 12 people 12 weeks to create this piece, which features a series of hand-spun... [Read More]
Rainbow Armchair (2017) Sawkille Jonah Meyer, Founder "We have a parts system where we're always handmaking the individual elements of the chairs, so we... [Read More]
Arc Dome Pendant (2014) Allied Maker It takes seven people up to eight weeks to complete one spun-brass Arc Dome. The company, which began as... [Read More]