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![Figure][1] Hurricane Florence dawdled over North Carolina, dropping catastrophic amounts of rain. PHOTO: REUTERS/JONATHAN DRAKE Weather and marine scientists were awestruck last... [Read More]
Residents warned to avoid five beaches and environmentalists express serious concerns as officials say repairing the damage could take months. [Read More]
Hong Kong Disneyland was closed Monday in the aftermath of the severe Typhoon Mangkhut, the company announced this week. [Read More]
A landslide buried dozens of homes near a central Philippine mountain Thursday, killing at least 18 people. [Read More]
The government called for consideration from bosses after Typhoon Mangkhut caused travel chaos. But many employees say missing work would have cost them dear. [Read More]
Residents should be prepared for the impacts of the weather, such as flooding, landslides, flash floods, cyclones and strong winds. [Read More]
Up to 25 homes in a central Philippine village were buried, and officials blamed heavy rains in the days since Typhoon Mangkhut struck. [Read More]
A LANDSLIDE in the Philippines has caused fatalities and trapped dozens more inside their houses, as heavy rains brought by deadly Typhoon Mangkhut keep battering... [Read More]
Telstra was able to ensure there was no interruption of services across its subsea cables during Typhoon Mangkhut thanks to its submarine network management process,... [Read More]
Some animals were left on boats or found in coastal areas by residents and animal welfare groups... [Read More]
Rescuers were digging through a landslide that buried at least 10 homes and killed three people in the central Philippines Thursday, as monsoon rains unleashed... [Read More]
Developers and homeowners will need to fork out millions to repair buildings mauled by Typhoon Manghkut on Sunday, which was Hong Kong's strongest storm on... [Read More]
Lamma, Cheung Chau and Crooked Island face arduous task after monster storm knocked out power, left water supply unstable and reduced some buildings to rubble. [Read More]
Death toll from landslide caused by Typhoon Mangkhut rises to 81, three days after it battered northern Luzon island. [Read More]
Environmental activists have blamed mining operations for landslides that have reportedly killed dozens of people in the northern Philippines following a powerful typhoon at the... [Read More]
Category 5 storm Mangkhut hit Luzon on September 15; millions are affected. [Read More]
Typhoon Mangkhut made landfall in Guangdong, China's most populous province, this past Sunday, before heading west into neighboring Guangxi province. ... [Read More]
More than 80 people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed after the storm battered the island. [Read More]
One cluster in New Territories will go without power at least until Friday as repair works get under way. [Read More]