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Many cosmetics have a shelf life or a best-used-by date on their labels. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration says cosmetic manufacturers are not... [Read More]
New Mayo Clinic research may eventually help physicians determine whether pulmonary nodules detected on CT scans are cancerous and require treatment. [Read More]
Another class of new doctors received their diplomas Saturday at Mayo Clinic's College of Medicine and Science graduation ceremony. [Read More]
A fundraiser held in Iowa Park Saturday, with hopes of sending a little girl suffering from chronic pain to the Mayo Clinic. [Read More]
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Are you ready to get active and enjoy the outdoors this summer? Then it's time to Get Ready to Ramble. Mayo Clinic Health System and... [Read More]
In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation, Mayo Clinic researchers identified that an FDA drug approved for myelodysplastic syndrome may be... [Read More]
You may share your vacation pics and restaurant check-ins with hundreds of "friends" on social media every day. But odds are only a handful of... [Read More]
Mayo Clinic announced this morning that it will start conducting inpatient surgeries in Austin by early June as part of the controversial consolidation of its... [Read More]
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: How effective is the shingles vaccine? Is it recommended even for those who have already had shingles? ANSWER: A new vaccine, called... [Read More]
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is juicing as healthy as some proclaim, or are some nutrients lost in the process? ANSWER: Juicing-- extracting the juice from fresh... [Read More]
Surgical services are transferring from the Mayo Clinic's Albert Lea campus to the Austin campus, but a big financial donation is coming to the Albert... [Read More]
A young woman from Austin remains at Mayo Clinic-Saint Marys in Rochester tonight after a terrible car crash on Monday. It happened near Lansing on... [Read More]
DEAR MAYO CLINIC: What is involved in a hair transplant, and how long does it last? How does this differ from hair plugs? I'm only... [Read More]
Charlotte "Janice" Wilson Wilcox, 66, of Waynesville, died Monday at Mayo Clinic, in Jacksonville, Fla. [Read More]
Doctors at Mayo Clinic are working on a vaccine that aims to prevent breast cancer from recurring in survivors. [Read More]
Amanda Kraus Wilson, who will attend Tuesday's game with her best friend, packed her lucky jersey for the occasion. [Read More]