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Harbor Haven went $400,000 over budget this year due to the low Medicaid reimbursement rate. [Read More]
Gov. Scott Walker is bringing back the previously rejected proposal to drug test the recipients of public assistance, Medicaid and unemployment benefits. [Read More]
The review cited findings of duplications on participation lists and improperly documented employee schedules. [Read More]
Rep. Chris Collins suggested more concessions may be made on the "Medicaid side" to persuade centrists to support the legislation. [Read More]
As part of a broad budget deal, House and Senate leaders have agreed to roughly $650 million in cuts to hospital payments through Medicaid. [Read More]
President Donald Trump has a new target: Sen. Bill Nelson and others trying to address a health care funding crisis in Puerto Rico. "The Democrats... [Read More]
Spending on specialty drugs for cancer, hepatitis and other conditions in Wisconsin's Medicaid program is up 40 percent the past four years, a trend that... [Read More]
El presidente Donald Trump declaró el jueves que se opone a los intentos de resolver la crisis de deuda que agobia a Puerto Rico, en... [Read More]
Proposed federal legislation aimed at making states take over the full cost of Medicaid expenses would save St. Lawrence County an estimated $27 million a... [Read More]
By JIMMY LAWTON Rep. Elise Stefanik, Republican, is co-sponsoring a bill that could reduce St. Lawrence County's property tax burden by $24 million. The Property... [Read More]
The change comes after a first round of layoffs in December. The two-part layoffs are due to the withdrawal of the Medicaid Families and Children... [Read More]
In 2014 the federal Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services changed the rules for "sheltered workshops" — safe workplaces for individuals with disabilities to do... [Read More]
A large number of states this year seek to upend their funding formulas because of budget shortfalls, rising Medicaid costs, and new flexibility under ESSA. [Read More]
Liberal sanctuary cities in California and elsewhere may well win their legal battle against President Trump thanks to Supreme Court rulings once heralded by conservatives,... [Read More]
Having won concessions on a border wall and Obamacare subsidies, Democrats in Congress on Thursday moved the goal posts on a deal to keep the... [Read More]
Jason Helgerson says Obamacare replacement bill went from 'bad to worse.'... [Read More]
Recent editorials from Louisiana newspapers: ___ March 31 The American Press on Medicaid births: A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation, shows that almost... [Read More]
Arkansas Department of Human Services officials say a plan to move more than 60,000 residents off of Arkansas' expanded Medicaid program, Arkansas Works, will save... [Read More]
Bankruptcy could sabotage the governor's top-priority efforts to secure federal funding for the island's near-insolvent Medicaid system. [Read More]
President Donald Trump's criticism of a 'bailout' for Puerto Rico is disrupting a bipartisan consensus on Capitol Hill to send the struggling U.S. territory more... [Read More]