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• Congressman says Medicaid not going away... [Read More]
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Removing Medicaid hurts vulnerable... [Read More]
Senate Finance Committee Ranking Member Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., announced Monday a letter to Congressional Budget Office Director Keith Hall, asking the agency to examine... [Read More]
Michigan agency: "Significant" cost increases for Michigan would end the state's Medicaid expansion program by 2021... [Read More]
The Republican crusade to repeal... [Read More]
Senate Republicans, intent on revoking much of the nation's first universal health care law, learned Monday their replacement legislation will leave 15 million more Americans... [Read More]
For Europeans, this utter lack of compassion is hard to understand. No Medicaid for 725k to fund a tax cut for 400.... [Read More]
The biggest single change called for by the Republican health-care bill that may be voted on by the U.S. Senate this week is its reduction... [Read More]
The Senate's health plan insures more Americans and reduces the deficit more than the House's plan did, but also cuts Medicaid more drastically than any... [Read More]
As the Republican-led Senate prepares to vote on a new health care bill, the Congressional Budget Office predicts, if it passes, over 22 mil…... [Read More]
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I am 37 years old. I live with multiple chronic health conditions and disabilities. I have encountered situations in our healthcare system that to the... [Read More]
West Tennessee Legal Services has launched a senior-friendly, senior specific website to expand access by senior citizens to important legal information. The website, which can... [Read More]
If you are older, or on Medicaid, or not extremely wealthy, the bill is bad for you. [Read More]
"There was new talk among key GOP figures about wooing moderates by altering the bill's Medicaid changes," according to two people involved who would not... [Read More]
Prescription drug and heroin addictions are claiming lives and destroying families at epidemic rates nationwide. With as little as a 10-day supply of opioid prescription... [Read More]
Texas rejected billions in federal aid to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, calling the program "broken." But now it's asking the Trump administration... [Read More]
The Brezhnev Doctrine said that the Soviet empire could only expand and never give back its gains. A domestic version of the doctrine has long... [Read More]