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Seven former Osteo Relief Institute clinics accused of billing Medicare for unnecessary knee braces and injections to treat osteoarthritis have agreed…... [Read More]
Who'd a thunk it? In the post-mortem of the Democrats' Tuesday night debate, the consensus among the chattering class was that Pete Buttigieg not only... [Read More]
Health care, gun violence and education. 2020 presidential hopeful Kamala Harris left no issue off the table at a Town Hall in Aiken Saturday evening.... [Read More]
Rep. Steven Horsford announced Saturday the House Ways and Means Committee will soon take up four bills he either wrote or co-sponsored that are aimed... [Read More]
Medicare plans change every year, and it's time to review your coverage for 2020. Pick a plan by Dec. 7 for coverage effective Jan. 1.... [Read More]
While campaigning in Las Vegas, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders experienced .10/19/2019 12:16:40PM EST. [Read More]
You can't fund an HSA if you're enrolled in Medicare, but that doesn't mean you can't use an existing one once your Medicare coverage begins. [Read More]
Just a reminder that Medicare's annual open enrollment period started Tuesday and runs through Dec. 7. [Read More]
Professor Anthony Jorm said the current limit of 10 subsidised sessions in a single year was inadequate. [Read More]
Medicare enrollment now open, Local News, Madras local News, Breaking News alerts for Madras city. [Read More]
Q: What inpatient hospital care does Medicare cover? [Read More]
Ohio seniors who are shopping for a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan can choose from 28 plans for 2020. The annual open enrollment for... [Read More]
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are both promising that, if elected, they will grace us with something called "Medicare for All." Health care will become... [Read More]
Article: How to fund Medicare for All: Slash the Pentagon! - Today the New York Times published a new analysis by the National Priorities Project,... [Read More]
By Carla HintonFaith Two northeast Oklahoma City churches are part of a coalition intent on educating the community about important issues. The Community Alliance... [Read More]
During the October 15th, 2019, Democratic debate in Ohio, Senator Elizabeth Warren was asked to explain how she would pay for her Medicare for All... [Read More]
Over the last decade, Vermont tried to implement a single-payer health care scheme. It couldn't pull it off. [Read More]
That's not Social Security calling about "fraud" on your account and threatening arrest - but if you fall for it, you could wind up losing... [Read More]
regarding these new "benefits", it is important to note that few, if any service providers will be approved to accept Medicare payments. If... [Read More]
"Hospitals often bill patients eligible for free, discounted care" [Oct. 15, A1] shows us the folly of requiring hospitals that have tax-exempt status to provide... [Read More]