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Big changes are on the way for Mega Millions lottery players after Friday's drawing. [Read More]
Mega Millions changes this weekend will mirror the already established Powerball jackpots. [Read More]
To heck with long odds, big jackpots are what attract players, lottery officials learn. [Read More]
Tickets will double to $2 on Saturday, the New Jersey Lottery Commission announced. [Read More]
The cost of a Mega Millions lottery ticket is set to double Saturday, which will result in the chance of a bigger jackpot, lottery officials... [Read More]
Besides making the game harder to win, the Mega Millions lottery also will cost more per ticket to play. [Read More]
Move to bring bigger jackpots quicker goes into effect Saturday... [Read More]
Tuesday's Mega Millions prize is $25 million. [Read More]
Mega Millions ticket prices are doubling and your chances of winning climb to 1 in 302 million. News4's Tom Sherwood reports. [Read More]
Heads up if you regularly buy tickets for a Mega Millions drawing, as the prices are going up. [Read More]
Starting this Saturday, people will see some changes when they buy Mega Millions tickets, including the price. [Read More]
Mega Millions is being redesigned with the goal of bigger and more frequent jackpots. [Read More]
A ticket will cost more, but you'll have more opportunities to win a million dollar prize, the NJ Lottery said.        ... [Read More]
With the higher prices comes jackpots promised to rise from $15 million to $40 million. [Read More]
The price of a Mega Millions ticket will double from $1 to $2 beginning with the Oct. 31 drawing. [Read More]
Minimum jackpots will increase to $40 million and will likely climb to higher numbers... [Read More]
The Mega Millions jackpot is $25 million. [Read More]
These Florida lotteries were drawn Saturday: Lotto: 2-8-23-26-37-40, estimated jackpot $15.5 million Lotto XTRA: 05 Powerball: 14-41-42-45-69 Powerball 4, Power Play 2,... [Read More]
Lottery winning numbers TEXAS Lotto: 10/212-18-29-46-53-54 Estimated jackpot$16.75 million Winning ticketsNA Next jackpot 10/25NA Pick 3 morn.: 10/213-5-9 Sum: 17 Pick 3 day:8-2-5 Sum: 15... [Read More]
There was no grand prize winner in Friday's Mega Millions lottery. The next Mega Millions jackpot will be worth $25 million ($15 million cash). [Read More]