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In case you missed it, on Wednesday morning Meghan McCain called her co-host and colleague Joy Behar a bitch. And she did it on air,... [Read More]
Don't hold your breath... [Read More]
Meghan McCain finally said what she's been dying to say to Joy Behar. John Iadarola breaks it down on The Damage Report. Follow The Damage... [Read More]
While looking like a chair in Barbie's Dreamhouse that just realized these packets aren't the Stevia she specifically asked for, Meghan McCain used her thankfully... [Read More]
Today is the official first day of summer, but Meghan McCain has already been getting heated. (Thank you, I'll be here all week!) [Read More]
The latest news from Jezebel's Video - This Week in Meghan McCain all in one place and updated daily. [Read More]
For their sake, hopefully, Jay Inslee, John Delaney, and Marianne Williamson weren't watching "The View" today. [Read More]
During my interview yesterday on The View, Meghan McCain dismissed me and compared me to Donald Trump. Today on the show she said... [Read More]
It's all good between "The View" co-hosts. [Read More]
A day after she made waves by calling mandatory vaccine policies "Orwellian" and "draconian," Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson told The View that while she... [Read More]
Panelists on "The View" hammered Democratic presidential candidate Marianne Williamson for giving ambiguous answers about mandatory vaccinations. The long-shot candidate has apologized for describing vaccination... [Read More]
Meghan McCain Calls Joy Behar A Bi**h On 'The View'Meghan McCain got SUPER spicy with Joy Behar on The View this morning and we weren't... [Read More]
Meghan McCain and Joy Behar were at it again during the latest episode of 'The View.'... [Read More]
"The View" may have 99 problems, but the word "b—h" ain't one. [Read More]
"I just want everyone to stop being so precious about our relationship," McCain said on The View of Behar... [Read More]
Meghan McCain gave some insight into why people vote for Trump. Ana Kasparian, Nando Vila, and Maz Jobrani, hosts of The Young Turks, break it... [Read More]
Meghan McCain called View co-host Joy Behar a bitch on Wednesday's show. [Read More]
The "View" host later said she and Behar use the word with each other backstage all the time. [Read More]
Meghan McCain's heated fight with Joy Behar on 'The View' ended with the conservative commentator calling her cohost a 'bitch' — details... [Read More]