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Two 13-year-olds and a 12-year-old charged with setting fire to a Maine mill will undergo risk assessment and mental health evaluations before their next court... [Read More]
When someone is diagnosed with cancer, people flock around them, filling their refrigerators with casseroles as a show of support. But when someone is diagnosed... [Read More]
Health organizations in Michigan just got some more ammunition in the fight against opioid abuse. The Michigan Health Endowment Fund has awarded nearly $6.5 million... [Read More]
Is it okay to talk about the psychological fitness of public figures like Trump? The Goldwater rule says it isn't, and recent challenges to the... [Read More]
Police responded to a report of a person experiencing a mental health crisis on a bridge in the 400 block of N. Eastern Boulevard around... [Read More]
Authorities closed part of U.S. Highway 95 Business in Fayetteville on Friday morning due to someone "experiencing a mental health crisis" on a bridge, officials... [Read More]
Upcoming eighth-grader Leah Sterling shared with the CIT Mental Health Peace Officer class about what it's like to have an older brother with autism, as... [Read More]
A good friend of mine (T) has been sleeping on my sofa for the past week. They're unemployed and without a firm place to stay,... [Read More]
Imagine you just purchased a brand new, fancy car. You'd fill it with premium gas right? Most of us would agree that filling your beloved... [Read More]
Interim director Mark Witte is expected to take on a permanent role as new director. [Read More]
Brunswick County Commissioners have approved creation of a Stepping Up Task Force. [Read More]
The man was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation. [Read More]
She was a sweet little girl. Until, year by year, her undiagnosed dyslexia grew so unmanageable that the elementary school child was consumed by... [Read More]
Find out why some young people want to take care of their mental health, but aren't, according to a new report from the Born This... [Read More]
    Whether a 26-year-old ex-con accused in the ambush killings of two Palm Springs police officers is mentally fit to stand trial will be... [Read More]
Direct line seen between mental illness and violence, gang membership, and drug abuse... [Read More]
Bethany had been a mental health patient at the hospital over an 18-month period and had previously taken overdoses... [Read More]
The best guides on growing up and dealing with mental health, sex, and finding yourself. [Read More]