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More than 40 percent of Hawaii children have experienced trauma including the death, divorce or incarceration of a parent, and violence, drug abuse or mental... [Read More]
A man who survived a jump from San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge will describe his struggles with mental illness during an event next week in... [Read More]
A man who stabbed dead a stranger waiting at a Sydney bus stop has been found not guilty on the grounds of mental illness. [Read More]
BRUNSWICK — Police Officer Cory Iles said he knows his uniform might be the last thing someone with a mental illness wants to see when they... [Read More]
New research on Mensa members claims demonstrably higher rates of mental illness among people with high IQs. One finds anecdotal support for the statistical evidence... [Read More]
Medications can affect a body's ability to regulate heat, and long bouts of hot weather can keep people from caring for themselves.        ... [Read More]
A unique community mental health service is supporting people to live life to the fullest. [Read More]
Methamphetamine transformed Bernadette Vasquez from a talented high school athlete and homecoming queen to a drug addict afflicted by mental illness, her family said in... [Read More]
METRO—More than 250 people now know about one of the fastest growing nonprofits in our metro, the F5 project.The goal of the "Erasing the Stigma"... [Read More]
At least half of the women in Nebraska prisons have a diagnosed mental illness, compared with a quarter of male inmates, and judges sent a... [Read More]
Mental illness is common. Anxiety, depression and the substance use and abuse that may occur along with these illness costs the US and estimated $444... [Read More]
Preventive health screenings are conducted at the same or better rates in people with mental illness as they are in healthy individuals, researchers say. [Read More]
Flickr/Jane Rahman Several tech startups have entered the mental health space in recent years, but few have made a real impact. Woebot is... [Read More]
Woman is discharged from wardship as she no longer suffers from mental illness... [Read More]
A family member suffering from mental illness stabbed and killed the 14-year-old son of Crawford Patkotak, he said Thursday. [Read More]
Director Hope Litoff conducts a searing inventory of her sister's life in the stark and unflinching documentary "32 Pills: My Sister's Suicide." A documentary film... [Read More]
Manka Dhingra has more than 20 years knowledge, experience and community leadership in the 45th Legislative District. As a senior deputy prosecutor, she understands the... [Read More]
Cole the Philosopher's diary How to make an unstable President go nuts on TV recommends asking Trump at a press conference "What is your response to those... [Read More]
To the editor:The poor treatment the ER is providing for the mentally ill is not to be blamed on the ER. It is the fault... [Read More]
Gerard Burks will spend 18 ½ years to life in state prison for viciously stomping 63-year-old Lori Milks to death in a random murder captured... [Read More]