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In Montana, someone with a mental illness is three times more likely to be incarcerated than hospitalized: a tragic and informative statistic. [Read More]
The World Health Organization has recognised "compulsive sexual behaviour" as a mental disorder, but said Saturday it remained unclear if it was an addiction on... [Read More]
Kusamas pieces, like the works of many artists before her, are the product of a long struggle with mental illness. [Read More]
The longer he is in power, the more damaging his mental illness is to our country and the American people. He is not stupid, he... [Read More]
The gym is the perfect place to build muscle, strength, and for some, a new life. [Read More]
Michael Carpenter, who is the founder of MHAB Enterprises, joins us to talk about the project to create temporary housing for those struggling with addiction,... [Read More]
A new gym in Dothan is working to raise awareness of women's mental health through physical fitness and self-defense. [Read More]
The psychologist evaluating accused murderer Justin Morgan Daly was given an additional 21 days Friday to determine whether Daly is exaggerating his symptoms of mental... [Read More]
More than 30 percent of the inmate population at the Travis County Jail has some form of mental illness, according to the Travis County Sheriff's... [Read More]
Patients with developmental disabilities and mental illness fall through the state's health care gaps. [Read More]
While mental illness carries a stigma, people who have come forward and talked about dealing with bipolar and depression have used it to fuel their... [Read More]
The Oakland Community Health Network, in partnership with the Oakland Police Academy Center, is hosting a week-long mental health training session for local law enforcement... [Read More]
One in five people in the U.S. are dealing with a mental illness and now, California could be at the verge of a mental health... [Read More]
Like any other medical condition, mental illness is treatable and often curable... [Read More]
Alcoholism and drug addiction. Mental Illness. Exhaustion. These are just a handful of the reasons so many celebs end up in rehab. With countless facilities... [Read More]
A groundbreaking has taken place for a new criminal justice center in Indianapolis that will include a jail and assessment center to treat people with... [Read More]
Southwest Louisiana will soon be the backdrop of a feature-length film. Valleyheart, a Los Angeles-based production team featuring Lake Charles natives Brian Bourque, Timothy... [Read More]
If a psychological evaluation determines a mental disorder, a criminal can bypass prison and complete a two-year diversion program. [Read More]
For the second time, I find myself having to come to the defense of the people who suffer with mental illness and the people who... [Read More]
Monica Louise Berlin grew up on the San Mateo County Coastside and attended local schools. Her mother, Leslie Berlin, says she has a large network... [Read More]