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A couple of weeks ago, I had the honor of shaking the hand of Travis Mills. We were each going to Washington, D.C., I to... [Read More]
Merry Christmas! [Read More]
It wasn't a very merry Christmas Eve for Florencia Vicencio and her mate Matthew. They were planning to host 25 people for dinner in their... [Read More]
Like the rooster who claimed credit for making the sun rise, President Donald Trump does not hesitate to crow about his self-perceived triumphs. In typical... [Read More]
An un-Merry Christmas tournament coupled with a group of players who have spent several seasons getting to know each other has resulted in a Happy... [Read More]
Now that December has ended and taken with it the fractious "Merry Christmas" vs. "Happy Holidays" greeting for another year, I point out the obvious:... [Read More]
The robber also offered an ecumenical "happy holidays." [Read More]
From "Labyrinth" to "The Prestige," David Bowie's onscreen roles added another dimension to a legendary career. "The Man Who Fell to Earth" Bowie's... [Read More]
The Boston Globe indulged in some early nostalgia for President Obama on the front of Sunday's edition: "Gone But Still Growing On Us." The online... [Read More]
While some people have already taken down their Christmas decorations, for others, Christmas is today. Newswatch 16 caught up with some people celebrating the day... [Read More]
The employees at ECAD hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And while the season of "making his list and checking... [Read More]
* Asterisk denotes a local author or Indiana connection Children and Young Adult 1. "The Night Before Christmas," Clement Moore 2. "Wonder," R.J. Palacio 3.... [Read More]
Dear Jerry: Political correctness has gotten out of hand. I reconfirmed that notion during this recent holiday season. Certain people responded negatively to the simple... [Read More]
Egypt's Coptic Orthodox Christians held a Christmas Eve mass on Saturday at a massive new cathedral east of Cairo amid tight security after a year... [Read More]
Merry Christmas, fossil fuel industry. [Read More]
Glenda opened the business meeting by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. She said Ann sent her the thought for the day, "This is the 20/20... [Read More]
Don't worry folks, I am not planning on singing Christmas carols to you. I have a hard enough time getting followers who read my column,... [Read More]
The Armenian Weekly wishes you all a very Merry Christmas! Շնորհաւոր Ս. Ծնունդ (Shnorhavor Surb Tsnund) The entrance of the Gandzasar monastery in the Martakert region... [Read More]
Hip-hop icon Chance the Rapper and R&B artist Jeremih delighted fans everywhere when they released the second part of their Christmas mixtape, "Merry Christmas Lil'... [Read More]