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From the March 28 edition fo Westwood One's The Savage Nation:... [Read More]
One of the nation's most outspoken conservative talk radio kingpins is now leading The New York Times best-seller list for nonfiction. "Trump's War: His Battle... [Read More]
After enduring an assault at a restaurant and a report that he was the target of government spying in the wake of his new book's release,... [Read More]
Clive Cussler and Justin Scott are No 1 in fiction; Michael Savage debuts atop nonfiction list... [Read More]
Savage has written Trump's War: His Battle for America, a battle plan for the Trump administration ranging. [Read More]
Banned from entering Britain for still unspecified "hate speech," talk-radio host Michael Savage found a note of irony in the terrorist attack Wednesday in London.... [Read More]
Michael Savage, age 67, of Tucson, Arizona, formerly of Burlington, Iowa, passed away on March 9, 2017 in Tucson. [Read More]
Saw a display of Michael Savage's new kissy-up-the-POS-"president"'s book at the local B&N. Figuring it needed a little context (not to mention truth), I took... [Read More]
Talk-radio host Michael Savage is among the public figures who were under surveillance by the National Security Agency as part of its "Project Dragnet," according... [Read More]
Anti-Trump violence is now morally justified... [Read More]
Michael Savage's comment this week after being assaulted at a restaurant that it's "open season" on Trump supporters applies to the president himself. Yet another... [Read More]
Savage was attacked by a man while eating dinner at a restaurant. [Read More]
Conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage says it's "open season" on supporters of President Trump after he was allegedly attacked by a man outside... [Read More]
"I wouldn't be President without this man," Donald Trump said of Michael Savage, conservative radio personality and best-selling author, when he met with him last... [Read More]
Google has been summoned to appear in front of the UK government to explain why taxpayer-funded ads are appearing next to extremist content on YouTube,... [Read More]
As we reported yesterday, conservative radio host and best selling author, Michael Savage was assaulted outside of a San Francisco restaurant. He was bloodied and... [Read More]
"[Conservative radio talk show host Michael] Savage had just finished dining at Servino Ristorante on Main Street in Tiburon when a man, whom he did not... [Read More]
'This guy can't get away with that.'... [Read More]
Reacting to a violent attack on him at a San Francisco-area restaurant, talk-radio host and author Michael Savage said it's "clearly open season on prominent... [Read More]