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Naida writes: "Despite returning more than 90 percent of bottles and cans, Michigan remains one of of the worst states for recycling in the nation." [Read More]
Some key participants say the wolves were shot to cut mounting financial losses to the farmer and the state... [Read More]
Bill "Larry" Doerr, 60, of Fairmont, passed away on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 with his wife at his side. He was born on August 13,... [Read More]
Hannah Schauer, wildlife education technician with the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, offers some tips on how to live with urban coyotes. [Read More]
Is there a reckoning coming for Republican politicians? Apparently they believe it is, because they are behaving like cornered animals — lame ducks attacking anything... [Read More]
Higher Ground Nuggets of pot news Little has changed since adult use marijuana became legal in Michigan. It seems that the folks who wanted some... [Read More]
An anonymous reader writes: Michigan has a problem. Over the past decade, the number of unvaccinated kindergartners has spiked. "Nearly half of the state's population... [Read More]
JoeGee writes "On December 8th, Canadian sci-fi author Peter Watts, author of the Rifters trilogy and Blindsight, was crossing the US/Canadian border at Port Huron,... [Read More]
New video shows an impressive half-court shot by a middle-schooler in Three Oaks, Michigan.The video, shared by the parent of a middle-schooler in Three Oaks,... [Read More]
A West Michigan woman is desperately searching for an irreplaceable family heirloom. Paige Bush says when she drove from her parent's house in Grand Rapids... [Read More]
Michigan has a new attraction—one that rose up mysteriously out of the water of Lake Michigan. It is a skeleton but not the skeleton of... [Read More]
Michigan chain Hopcat announced on Tuesday it will change the name of their famous Crack Fries after creating the dish 11 years ago, to be... [Read More]
Michigan State Police and Saginaw Police are investigating a shooting. [Read More]
When her tenure as the state's top medical executive ends on Jan. 2, Dr. Eden Wells will get a new state job, one with civil... [Read More]
A Rose Township 9-year-old has launched a grown-up mission to save lives. [Read More]
Department of Agriculture & Rural Development - Boxwood blight, a serious fungal disease that attacks boxwood (a popular landscape shrub), has been detected for the... [Read More]
FREE SOIL TOWNSHIP, Mich.  -- The Mason County Sheriff's Office says a 63-year-old man from Fountain, Michigan, was killed Tuesday in a single-vehicle crash in... [Read More]
It's a story you'll only find on Action News. Michigan's zero tolerance policy for any marijuana in your system while driving continues to remain in effect... [Read More]
Northern Michigan has lost a winter sports icon, with the passing of Vojin Baic.  For those who know him best, Baic is synonymous with cross-country... [Read More]
Since the licensing board began awarding licenses in August, 91 licenses, including 45 dispensaries, have been approved and 178 businesses have been given pre-qualification status. [Read More]