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Back in Syria, friends gave Malakeh Jazmati the nickname "Miss Spaghetti" because cooking up tasty traditional regional dishes wasn't exactly her thing. Flash forward two... [Read More]
Partner and I are considering a spontaneous day-trip out to Richmond, VA tomorrow. We have enough basic familiarity with Richmond to have a general idea... [Read More]
A Houston, TX man is wanted by police in connection with a racist assault on an Lyft driver, said The Houston Chronicle on Thursday. Court... [Read More]
The linked piece argued American Jews have a vested interest in promoting the state of Israel and "have taken upon themselves the onerous ta... [Read More]
A man allegedly attacked his Lyft driver over the driver's Middle Eastern heritage. [Read More]
A Houston man is on the run, after being accused Thursday of attacking a Lyft driver due to his Middle Eastern heritage, which is a... [Read More]
The 10 best Middle Eastern restaurants on Long Island in 2017. Note: Most dishes mentioned are samples of the restaurants' menus and may not be... [Read More]
A new survey from Northwestern University in Qatar offers some interesting findings about media consumption habits and patterns in Middle Eastern countries. Ongoing since 2013,... [Read More]
The United Nations General Assembly heard dire warnings from Middle Eastern officials on Wednesday, with the leader of Iran blasting U.S. President Donald Trump as... [Read More]
This spin on hummus doesn't contain chickpeas. Instead, it is a spreadable blend of pistachios and edamame, seasoned with Middle Eastern flavors including lemon, parsley,... [Read More]
Whether you're looking for authentic kebabs, falafels, grape leaves, or baklava, the Valley has plenty to offer when it comes to Middle Eastern food.... [Read More]
A Middle Eastern crime gang is suspected of carrying out $11 million worth of insurance fraud involving staged car accidents and faked injuries. [Read More]
It wasn't the buffet-style Middle Eastern dishes that drew over 70 people to Lyman Hall in First Churches on Tuesday.It was the stories of Khawla... [Read More]
A student alleges that the players put him in the back seat of a car and... [Read More]
The irresistibly charming woman in Apartment 713 can hold forth for hours with tales of her luxe life among the intercontinental elite, neighbors say. Madame... [Read More]
From Middle Eastern-inspired gourmet ice-cream sandwiches in South Beach to waffle, doughnut, and Italian varieties in Aventura, Wynwood, and Brickell,... [Read More]
Since the Iran deal, Tehran has not slipped into a passive role—instead, it's pursued a blatantly aggressive approach to Middle Eastern and world affairs. [Read More]
Oil prices traded close to five-month highs on Tuesday after fresh data showed key Middle Eastern producers continued to cut supply in line with an... [Read More]
The president's temporary ban on immigration from selected Middle Eastern countries was tied up for six months by less than a handful of rogue federal... [Read More]