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Paletta's is closed, and sorely missed.;;We are a Greek, Italian and Lebanese Grocery Store and Deli/This year we are celebrating our 90th Anniversary in San... [Read More]
The most wonderful time of the year is shaping up to be the most bustling season for holiday tourism yet in the historic Middle Eastern... [Read More]
From Middle Eastern rhythms to Spanish guitar, read on for a local music to-do list to fill your calendar this week. [Read More]
Even though France is currently experiencing demonstrations and riots on a scale that hasn't been seen since at least the historic year of 1968, we've... [Read More]
You probably know the TV show "Shark Tank," where people with sometimes interesting, sometimes bizarre business ideas seek money from a panel of famous investors.... [Read More]
A saga involving an alleged British spy arrested in the United Arab Emirates is threatening to derail a decades-long friendship between the Middle Eastern country... [Read More]
An American analyst says the US continues to provide unconditional support to Saudi Arabia because the Middle Eastern ally is an important "puppet" in its... [Read More]
The city of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is known for its extravagant, newly built landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, the Palm Jumeirah, and... [Read More]
George Tabbakh, who migrated to Australia as a Syrian refugee, will be a chef in the Abboud Bakery when it opens on Monday. [Read More]
Despite a worldwide campaign to stop the brutal practice of female genital cutting, it persists in communities across the globe, and especially in Africa and... [Read More]
VETERANS NOTESTuesdayState Sen. Tony Gugielmo will make a posthumous presentation of medals for World War II Army Veteran Sgt. Leroy Schrump, who served as an... [Read More]
Middle Eastern Studies at UMass is an innovative, interdisciplinary major. The major consists of a wide range of introductory and upper-level courses in Arabic language,... [Read More]
The Judaic and Near Eastern Studies department offers the two required introductory courses for the major (Middle Eastern Studies majors must complete History 130 and... [Read More]
For a full list of department faculty in Middle Eastern Studies, click here. Name & Degree of Progress Area of Expertise ... [Read More]
The unique blood is only found in four percent of specific middle-eastern ethnic groups. [Read More]
FLANKED by Saudi Arabia and Israel, with Syria and Iraq to the north, Jordan won't top the average Brit's list of holiday musts. But if... [Read More]
You know, I never considered that I would see the day when a Middle Eastern country's passport ranking would move higher than the United States. [Read More]
The city of Dubai, and United Arab Emirates as a whole, have become increasingly known as a hub for art in the Middle East and... [Read More]
You probably know hummus, the likable, dependable and very beige Middle Eastern chickpea and tahini dip. But if you are looking for something a little... [Read More]
Come experience a unique concert of traditional middle eastern arrangements. The Utah Philharmonia, in partnership with the Middle East Center present... [Read More]