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More than 400 first- and second-graders at Mimosa Park Elementary spent time learning about Monday's solar eclipse. [Read More]
The desire to do some deep sea fishing sent us to Port Washington just north of Milwaukee during last Monday's solar eclipse. We hadn't paid... [Read More]
While watching last Monday's solar eclipse, it struck me that I was seeing a reminder from the universe of the place human wants have in... [Read More]
the guy who co-wrote and produced some of Adele's most inescapable songs.)  Today we premiere "Surprise Yourself," the second single to be released from the... [Read More]
Monday's solar eclipse arguably had more Americans gazing skyward than during any celestial event in history. [Read More]
Jeff Adkins, an astrophotographer from Willard, and his wife traveled to the path of totality in Kuttawa, Ky. for Monday's solar eclipse. [Read More]
UP to all of the motorists, law enforcement officers and public safety officials who made the busy travel days related to Monday's solar eclipse relatively... [Read More]
Twin City residents who enjoyed Monday's solar eclipse now have a chance to pay it forward. [Read More]
Those looking for alternative ways to protect their eyes from Monday's solar eclipse are now seeking medical treatment after putting sunbloc…... [Read More]
Like a lot of other people, Devonte Jamal Glivens wanted to watch Monday's solar eclipse. [Read More]
Joey Bada$$ spent the week being joke fodder after staring at Monday's solar eclipse without protective eyewear, and then canceling... [Read More]
People who live in or traveled to the path of totality for Monday's solar eclipse reported being awestruck by the event. [Read More]
Battling carmageddon to see Monday's solar eclipse brought hundreds of thousands of people to Central Oregon, all here to chase the wrong two minutes of... [Read More]
Hendrix Elementary School students are collecting glasses from Monday's solar eclipse to send to Uganda so students there can view the next solar eclipse, set... [Read More]
While Monday's solar eclipse was touted as a mass-participation event involving millions, I was able to enjoy the two minutes of moon-created twilight in relative... [Read More]
With Monday's solar eclipse being what my grandmother would call, "a feast for the eyes," you ought to spend this weekend catering to your auditory... [Read More]
Those looking for alternative ways to protect their eyes from Monday's solar eclipse are now seeking medical treatment after putting sunblock on their eyeballs, WCYB... [Read More]
A Redding, CA nurse practitioner said that in the days since Monday's solar eclipse, some patients have been treated after putting sunscreen in their eyes... [Read More]
Area eye doctors said they're hearing from folks who are concerned they may have damaged their eyes while gazing at Monday's solar eclipse. Dr. James... [Read More]
"Saturday Night Live" may be on summer hiatus, but Alec Baldwin was back impersonating President Trump on television Thursday night. Baldwin made a cameo appearance... [Read More]